Plymouth paintings

Titanic and A dead parrot? This insight into how I work will interest some of you. I’m trying to get the attention of BBC Spotlight, their Independent TV competitors, regional news papers and journals. It’ rather like banging one’s head on a wall, not fun because for example, many of the email addresses & phone … Read more


Yacht paintings

MAIDEN UK, already famous with it’s all women crews, does it again 🥳 This time in the McIntyre Ocean Globe race, the direct descendent of the Whitbread Round the World Race.Whitbread History Comes Full Circle with Maiden’s Triumphant Return Home to UK! The yachts race on a handicap system so we await the final result … Read more

Boots and paintings

You will need your boots for a sunny stroll on the banks of the river Vilaine with a fellow painter for company. A photographic, photogenic story shared with a good companion and here with you, enjoy.

La Roche Bernard

La Roche Bernard and the Vilaine as a watercolour. Grotty weather blues this month? La Roche Bernard in the South of Morbihan, Brittany, is a charming, subject rich river port on the Vilaine and is well described as a “city of character” although ‘city’ is a slight exaggerations. I’ve just updated my ‘Beach Paintings‘ website … Read more

Dusk and photography.

Dusk and photography as an inspiration for poetry, songs and paintings. Moon at sunset. Dusk and photography reminds me of my years at Art Colleges, Maidstone then Medway, now both a part of Kent University. My first two years at Art College were general art studies, wide ranging studies from life drawing to history of … Read more

Windy wet and mild

I’m again reminded of the Flanders and Swann song about weather. “A song of the weather”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eT40eV7OiI . “January brings the snowMakes your feet and fingers glowFebruary’s ice and sleetFreeze the toes right off your feet…” Except it’s been usually mils, just as well as my (propane) gas bill for 2 & a 1/2 months … Read more

Print Mauretania

Maritime Priny=ts, liners

A brief Mauretania charming message arrived, shared here for your enjoyment with the gentleman’s kind permission. Print of Mauretania an awesome picture of Cunard’s most famous 4 funnel liner, only 5 copies in stock. “Good evening. A copy of your outstanding night time print Mauretania, copy 129 has recently come in to my possession and … Read more