Marine Knowledge

This page offers a very brief overview of the extent of Gordon’s knowledge of the marine world.
A fuller picture can be accessed by consulting other parts of the website.
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Boat Building

Since 1967 Gordon has been involved in the construction, maintenance and restoration of craft as diverse as racing dinghies, Thames sailing barges and historical replicas.
Consequently he is familiar with materials ancient and modern as diverse as wood (using a variety of specialised timbers), GRP (reinforced plastic composites), ferro cement and steel.
He trained in “ship and boat building” at Falmouth Technical College, has worked for many years in the marine industry and is considered a master shipwright and boat builder.


Gordon first got into a sailing boat in 1962 and became passionately interested a few years later.
Between 1967 and 1970 he spent all his spare time on and around the Medway and the Thames estuary.
It was here he learned basic sailing and seamanship.
Particularly important was his contact with former professional sailor men who understood traditional seamanship.
During the 1970’s he developed dinghy and yacht racing skills to an international standard.
He has sailed on vessels as diverse as the world’s oldest square rigger and the QE2.
Since 1997 he has been involved in coaching of sailing and racing.

Historical Archives

Gordon has developed a considerable network of sources over the past twenty-five years.
He has made full use of his membership of various societies including: The World Ship Society, The 1805 Club, The Society for Nautical Research, The National Historical Maritime Society and The Historical Steamship Society of America.
Over the years Gordon has accumulated an extensive collection of books and photographs, many of which are of rare interest, as well as videos and CDs.


Gordon’s considerable understanding of weather patterns owes its origins to the necessities of life at sea.
He is now proficient at reading the signs in the sky, as well as interpreting synoptic charts and other professional sources of information.
Currently he is becoming progressively involved with climate change projects.

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