British Marine FederationBritish Marine Federation Membership

I was honored during 2008 to be invited to join the British Marine Federation.

This came about because of my work with Maritime Plymouth and Superyachts UK , a long experience of the marine world afloat and ashore, including trained as a ship wright and boat builder at Falmouth Technical College,  former MD of South East boat Bulders Ltd of Rye, East Sussex.

The BMF is THE trade body for the professional marine industry (leisure).
Only one artist is a member.
The British Marine Federation web site explains itself on it’s excellent web site.

In the past I have flirted with joining the RSMA (Royal Society of Marine Artists).
It is kind of expected by some of the public.
However as several friends, very successful professional marine painters, regarded the RSMA as, to clean up their remarks, bit of a mud painters’ club and it involved a lot of being “seen” at the annual RSMA Pall Mall, London show by the “right” people, it was, I decided it was not cost effective.

I also had an interesting congenial evening with the President of the French Official Marine Painters.
Despite his enthusiasm for my work and European rules, to be a “French Official Marine Painter” is only possible for French artists largely because they are given an officer’s rank in the French Navy and go to sea.

Having been asked to apply for British Marine Federation Membership I initially could not imagine who on earth or at sea would supply references?

After all I am now a marine painter; no longer a boat builder or even an active R.Y.A. sailing instructor.

Soon it became clear that many in the dazzling list of my clients and friends were happy to supply references.
Thus this is with special thanks to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Michael McNamara (Sails), George Skinner (Maritime Plymouth), my friends at Devonport Royal Dockyard Ltd and in the Ministry of Defense, the latter in particular sending the sort of letter a man could be proud to show his son, a most generous reference.

World Ship SocietyThe World Ship Society

I have been a member of The World Ship Society more or less continuously for some 20 years which in its self says much for my fellow members and the society in general.
Other clubs and societies have come and gone while my fascination with the WSS has endured.
I have watched the society continuously develop and occasionally been able to contribute.
I find it a fascinating and amazing resource.

Also a member of the National Maritime Historical Society (U.S.A.)


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