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Marine painting, a sample of unsolicited compliments, some will at least make you smile:


Why didn’t you tell me you painted ‘Roaring Forties‘?”, editor, Yachting Monthly, Dick Johnson.


I got exactly the painting I’d hoped for” & “when I got home I made a cup of tea then sat down and lost myself in it for half an hour” ~ Pete Goss, (OBE & Legion d’Honore).

~ ~ ~

Our efforts with the painting were highly successful”.  ~   Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

~ ~ ~

The frigate Condell marine painting went down a real treat. The Chileans were very impressed and Capt Cruz the commanding officer was over the moon and said he was going to have it welded to the wardroom bulkhead so none of the Admirals, and there were six Chilean Admirals present, could get their fingers on it!” wrote Captain John Simkins, director, the Chief Executive, Disposal Services Agency of the Ministry of Defence.

~ ~ ~

Tony Hart wrote to Gordon Frickers:
The composition and the quality of your painting is quite simply stunning and has deeply impressed everyone who has seen it. The detail, lighting and colours deserve particular attention; the inclusion of another CMS vessel in the background is a delightful touch as is the choice of venue. T.C. Hart, Managing Director of Coe Metcalf Shipping Ltd.


I have won a few prizes in my racing career but I can assure you this will be one I treasure most‘.
M.J. Leadbetter


It is already giving me great pleasure and reminding me to make more time available for the joy of sailing
C.R. King
and he commissioned a second painting of this next yacht.


The historian & keeper of Victory“, Peter Goodwin,  author of 15 + books, & acknowledged as the leading authority on the Georgian Royal Navy, said, “It’s the one thing that opened me up to the world of painting.

He also said of “I have urgent dispatches”; “It makes me feel I could punch the canvas.

He has included Gordon Frickers paintings in his recent books.


“Gordon, well here we are the week after the event and I can report that HRH was over the moon with the gift, and indeed the efforts of a bunch of Senior (Old) Naval Officers who performed as a choir to round off the evening!!

HRH actually stayed 45 mins longer than scheduled which I will take as Royal approval!!” ~ from RNAS Culdrose, HMS Seahawk Mess.


Of marine prints:  Robin Knox-Johnston, “Roaring Forties”

I am now torn between wanting it at home and wanting it on the office wall.

Best regards and many thanks


Re Waterwitch” off Gribben Head, Cornwall

Dear Gordon:

Yes I have just received the print of the Waterwitch and it has arrived in excellent condition.
My wife and I are very pleased with it.
I must congratulate you on producing such a beautiful painting.
Do you give a discount for multi copies. (say 3 or 4)


From: WatsonDWA at aol dot com
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 8:14 PM
Subject: Re: Another print of Waterwitch, please



Please feel free to quote anything I have said in praise of your work – and for that matter it extends too to the service you provide.
You have been far more helpful than one might reasonably expect, and I for one am very appreciative.

We will keep an eye on the site as you suggest.

Best regards



Re Clansman departing Castlebay, Barra

Dear Gordon

The print has just arrived ……..
I am speechless……… just as well I am typing!

I knew it would be nice, but I am totally blown away, it is fantastic.

It is already on show sitting on my colleague’s desk, fortunately for her she is not at work today, it is causing quite a stir in the office, as you can imagine.

I have to sign now as I am a bit overwhelmed, so for now I will just simply say thank you. Yours, in awe Tess

“On looking at it again I noticed how good the quality of the print is and although the original is a formidable force in itself, the atmosphere and mood of Barra is still very apparent in the print.

We have had a precession of colleagues viewing your work and the reactions have been from ‘that’s never a print, look at all the detail…..’ to one woman getting very emotional and another budding artist telling us how hard it is to capture the sea and how well you have done it.” Tess


“Dear Gordon

Friday night was spend rearranging the sitting room, chairs, couch, pictures and lights were all moved even my brother who will only vacate his armchair if we get the four minute warning from the BBC was moved.
The cat thought we had gone mad and took refuge behind the curtain and finally about 10pm it was agreed, well, desperate shouts of ‘leave it’ made my mind up.
And there it hangs in all its glory to greet all who walk into the sitting room – and what a greeting. Once again many thanks I don’t think I can put in to words how much your painting means to me.
Kind regards

SPW Chartered Accountants”


“I have now received the print of ‘The Clansman Leaving Castlebay’ and I am extremely pleased with the result.
The print has already been well admired by my family and friends.
It will probably look even better once it is mounted and framed”.

Alastair MacCrimmon.


Re H.M. Schooner “Pickle”, carrying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar

“CU PTRO, Packer R Lt” e.g. – H.M. Schooner “Pickle”, carrying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar by Gordon Frickers.
Presented to HRH The Princess Royal by the Members of The Wardroom, HMS Seahawk, to commemorate her visit to celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar, on Thu 27 Oct, 2005.

Asked by the Officers Mess, Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose to prepare a special copy of the print “I have urgent dispatches”, for them to present to the Princess Royal, Princess Anne at a dinner with 200 invited guests later this month.
I hope you will appreciate; this is quite a lot of extra work.

The work goes well and the Commander has written “Thank you for your time and effort in enabling us to procure a suitable gift for this prestigious occasion…much appreciated.
I look forward to seeing the finished article which, I have been informed, will be most suitable as a Royal gift.
I really am very grateful.”

Gordon, well here we are the week after the event and I can report that HRH was over the moon with the gift, and indeed the efforts of a bunch of Senior (Old) Naval Officers who performed as a choir to round off the evening!! HRH actually stayed 45 mins longer than scheduled which I will take as Royal approval!!


Of “Trafalgar Dawn”

“Thank you for my beautiful picture safely arrived.
I love the frame ! It will give me years of pleasure, good luck with your work”.
Sally Wickens, Penzance 15.08.05


Of Rajula at Madras

“I received the print on Monday.
I’m sure it will bring back many happy memories of the time I spent on the Rajula in the late sixties and be a source of enjoyment for years to come.
Many thanks for the helpful notes on framing.
best wishes, T. Dexter.”

~ ~ ~

When I first saw Robin Knox-Johnston, “Roaring Forties” I thought of the famous Japanese print “The Wave”.
The horror of a small boat about to be engulfed by the vastness of a huge sea.
The difference between “the Wave” is that we don’t know the ending because it’s in the artist’s mind. “Roaring Forties” however is real and Robin Knox-Johnson sailing Suhaili actually made it around the world and back to Falmouth.
Wendy Trebilcock, Falmouth.


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Re colour project

Anne Marie Brown commented:

Firstly I have to say that I feel privileged to hold them.
They feel immensely precious, and I feel being with the originals rather overwhelming. “The Western Morning News described the new artwork “from the Sauternes area of France to rival that of Cezanne“.