Colour Vision

Colour in Gordon Frickers paintings are a feast of colour surprises with remarkable atmosphere, harmony and great depth of field.

Frickers and colour vision and how do we ‘see’?

What do we really see as opposed to what we think we see, what we are taught to see, what is ‘colour blindness’, what do great artists see?

’”Red-Bales 1″, first attempt at a visual liberation, a breakthrough.

An introduction to some of the distinctive features of Frickers work as an artist.

An introduction to the qualities of anomalous colour vision.

What do we really see as opposed to what we think we see, what we are taught to see?

Article by Francis Pratt, edited by David Folley.
A fuller picture is available on the page concerning colour vision.

Frickers colours

are shared with less than ten percent of men and many women and this is the oldest kind of colour vision known to mankind.

Gordon Frickers shares his colour response with at most ten percent of men and many women. Based upon the tests we have conducted, this colour sense is more likely shared with less than 3 % of men and women.

The results when Gordon Frickers is painting, far from being disasterous actually provide the rest of us with a feast of colour surprises in paintings that show remarkable harmony and depth of field.

Red Bales 2

Most of us have heard of people who sometimes confuse red and green, but few realise the full implications of this so called ‘colour blindness which is better termed anomalous colour vision.

Instead of having three types of cone shaped colour receptors at the back of his eye, he has two.

While depriving Gordon of aspects of colour experience familiar to most of us, his special way of seeing which includes greater than normal use of his peripheral vision provides him with another range of visual excitements.
It is these that fuel his passion for colour and explain a great deal about the remarkable anomalous individuality of his painting.

Gordon Frickers anomalous colour vision varies the colours I see significantly more than the ‘colour normal’ people see and still more when lighting conditions fluctuate and change rapidly

Colour vision in Frickers experience

is a great deal more volatile and ephemeral than colour is for most people.

The Promenade

To pin down these shifting sands of appearance he has to look with a special intensity using parts of the visual apparatus which the other ninety percent of us rarely make use of.
In particular he is adept at exploiting his peripheral colour vision, seems to see better colour than is usual at night and unphased by many types of camouflage.

The result is reflected in the intensity of his style and the exciting appearance of the landscapes and seascapes made using his freer and more expressive style.

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