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“I have urgent dispatches” picture in a new book; “I am a maritime historian and have been contracted to write a huge-format (about the size of an atlas) illustrated book on fighting ships 1750-1850. I am keen to include contemporary art and I am a great admirer of your image of the Pickle coming back after Trafalgar”.

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Gordon Frickers is going to be based in France. Are Plymouth and GB loosing him?  Read on or Contact Us via www.frickers.co.uk

Peter Goodwin, Curator of HMS Victory, H.M. Naval Base, Portsmouth wrote to me last week “Your painting ‘I have urgent dispatches’ hangs over the fireplace in our library and I feel very proud to have this painting of the Pickle. Perhaps we should work together on another concept soon?”
Other news, Francis is running 2 two week courses this year at CdM, know anyone interested? If yes mention my name or get in touch with me.

Michael Baker has just rebuilt the Painting school web site, details are
Francis Pratt
Rue de la Porte Neuve
81140 Castelnau de Montmiral
Tel: +33 5 63 33 13 11
Email: francispratt@nullgmail.com
Web site : www.painting-school.com

As we continue to refine the web site ( pages are being re written following what I have been learning about copy writing for web sites), we do seem to be getting more enquiries and sales of prints have doubled to 2 per month; not staggering but encouraging.
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Because of the range and depth of his knowledge of painting, drawing and of marine subjects

Because Gordon Frickers has a special form of colour vision and colour constancy consequently each painting is an unrepeatable colour experience.
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Contents in this issue

1. Israel Exhibition
2. To France
3. New to the Print Gallery
4. New Painting
5. Very Important, Failed e mails
6. To commission
7. Special news
8. And finally
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Israel Exhibition,

Visit Israel?

The press coverage of this event has been good with the story of the “Lost Paintings of Israel” being generously covered.  The Plymouth Herald gave a 3/4 page write up, BBC (Spotlight) TV was here for 4 hours filming and BBC Radio Devon gave Gordon ½ an hour including 2 very clear mentions of the web site address. In Israel The Jerusalem Post has interviewed Gordon for 32 hours and other media are asking to cover the story.

I have just had a chance as a friend, Felicity Herring recommended to look at Edward Lear’s painting of Masada, online.

My impression is a strong painting, beautiful colours, inaccurate drawing. It does not look much like Masada from that angle and my instinct is that it by no means fully conveys the impregnability of Masada, very obvious if one ascends the fortress and spends time exploring it as I have done.

My painting, Masada made approx 1984, is quite different and seeing the Lear version fills me with a desire to return and paint Masada again. I wonder if I will??? Thuse I guess accurate or not, as with David Roberts works from “The Holy Land”, I have a book illustrating these paintings remain a sign post and an inspiration to this painter.
An astonishingly varied, tiny country were you can be challenged at every level  ~ or just chill out with hiking, beaches and sunshine.

Israel, Jerusalem, The 1868 Restaurant

~ 31 March to 25 July, official (invited guests) opening 19 April

10 King David Street, Jerusalem Tel: 02-622 2312

The 1868 restaurant founders are all wine aficionados and treated me to a full on meal. Both the food and the service matched the Queen’s Grill, best restaurant on the Queen Elizabeth 2.

There is a natural link to celebrate gourmet food with the Famous Wine Series Paintings (galley two) by Gordon Frickers (www.frickers.co.uk/wine/) in a setting that is appropriate for the task, hence their invitation.

They have said:
The 1868 is delighted to show an artist of such impressive talent and standing.
The 1868 Restaurant was initially attracted by Gordon Frickers fascinating paintings of “Famous, Picturesque Wine Villages of France”.
We though, what a brilliant idea for a series! We have managed to have a few here. The mysterious “Chateau Lafite Rothschild sunset” is a fine example (see gallery 2 wine/medoc on his web site).
Then we discovered Gordon Frickers long lost paintings of Israel.
These paintings are truly historic, unique and irreplaceable showing glimpses of an Israel of 25+ years ago. These pictures were largely filed and forgotten until last year when “re discovered” by Juliette Mwaniki, a “Christian friend of Israel”.
New Book

“ I have urgent dispatches” H.M. Schooner PICKLE, first with the news of the Battle of Trafalgar.
Is to be reproduced for a new book published by Quercus Publishing.
The book is called FIGHTING SHIPS 1750-1850 and will be published in October 2007. It will require World rights all languages. The author the distinguished Professor Sam Willis

The painting is available as a print at  www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html.
The Artist

This is an amazing upscale restaurant with little competition anywhere in Israel.

~ ~ ~

To France

Gordon is going to be based at Montmiral, about an hour’s drive from Toulouse, in the sunny SW of France for6 months, probably from late May.
Partly because the French are showing interest and support for his work.

This will be to enable him to paint with fewer distractions.
To spend more time marketing and with other artists.
To explore parts of France and Spain he has not seen before, with an eye to new markets.
Maybe somewhere to establish a new studio and for sure, for inspiration.

Watch for details on Contact us.

~ ~ ~

Exhibition in France
Fancy a week end break in France?
Why not fly to Toulouse, hire a car and explore the beautiful relaxing Tarn region taking in Gordon Frickers exhibition at l’ Office de Tourisme du Pays Lislois?

Place Paul Saissac

Tél/Fax Dorothée Tourdes. : 05 63 40 31 85
The dates: 1st October to 30th November 2007. Dorothée Tourdes.

~ ~ ~

Print Gallery
Good news, now for some thing completely different, 8 superb new landscapes are now in print

Best seller – “Roaring Forties” – our most distinguished yachtsman and navigator is at it again, probably for the final time. See Velux Five Oceans Race or check his and our web sites, buy your copy while stocks last.

Of “Trafalgar Dawn”,
“Thank you for my beautiful picture safely arrived. I love the frame ! It will give me years of pleasure, good luck with your work”.
Sally Wickens, Penzance 15.08.05
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Our range of prints
is extended to include more of the beautiful landscapes with an international feel like “Trees in a Breeze” and “Essential Mists”.
To all our loyal friends and supporters on this mailing list:
a 10% discount for the next few weeks, before Gordon goes to France.
Just quote Newsletter 4.

“Greetings Gordon, My print of the Waterwitch arrived today at 1:30pm!  Great service from the post office.
I am very pleased with the picture and it will hang in a place of honour in our home”.
J.Morton, Canada, mailto:jmorton@nullblissnoram.com
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New Painting

At today’s prices, I could offer you a similar sized painting as I still
have my original records and the GA’s of Nexus.
As a private buyer coming directly to the artist, with no gallery commission
involved and with your link to the ship, I’d be happy to offer you a 50%
discount on the prices listed on my web site which can be found via the
Navigation page, left column, under Navigate –

Commissioning paintings: This could not be easier and is of course backed by our full money back no quibble guarantee.
You can find details at Commissioning paintings

Please remember, good painting takes time; great painting takes longer, with to avoid disappointment don’t dither, order sooner not later, thank you.

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To commission:

The page www.frickers.co.uk/commission. has been re written to make it easier to commission a painting.

“I would love another Frickers Painting”, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
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