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Further Reading on Vin du Tarn – Gaillac

Today French wine is vigourously regulated to the highest standards in the world, mostly organic, none grown with child or slave labour and the best is hand cultivated and hand picked. Both regions maintain the highest integrity and Gaillac is learning to reposition its self in the wine market.

Gaillac lies in the Vallee de Gaillac (Vale of Gaillac) near Albi, see Vale of Gaillac 1 and Vale of Gaillac 2.

At the official preview of Gordon Frickers recent exhibition (01.10.07 to 30.11.07) at The office de Tourisme, Lisle sur Tarn the evening also included a degustation of Gaillac wines of Pascalle et Madame Roc Fonvieille of:

Domaine Borie-vieille St Salvy, Lisle sur Tarn 81310 Tel:0563404746
Borie-vieille.pascal at wanadoo.fr

wines au feminine, avec passion, recommended!

Story time –
Bordeaux wine has been supplying Britain by sea for over 600 years. Bordeaux formerly belonged to the English crown, many villages were initiated by the English and many improvements in the wine introduced by the English.

The English / Bordeaux link remains both taditional and physical. For example, when I was having a lunch with the town guide (naturaly in France a beautiful woman) she asked me if there was anything familiar about the cobble stones. There sort of vaguly was but I thought what the heck is she on about ? The cobble stones at St Emilion are made from pink granite, ballast from the fleets of medieviel ships sometimes a thousand strong that sailed from Plymouth in the autmns for the new season’s wine. Of course that was were I’d seen that colour of stone before, loads of the buildings in Plymouth were built with it.

The link is, according to people in Gaillac, when ever Bordeaux was short of wine after a poor harvest Bordeaux would buy in Vin de Tarn (Gaillac) and sell it to the English as Bordeaux wine, it was “good enough”!

Today Gaillac claims it sends more wine in boxes to British supermarkets that any other region so if you buy cheap table wine in a box it is probably Vin du Tarn from Gaillac. I have never seen its bottles in Britain except in my car and my house, however it is easily available from the old abbey beside the bridge or a by a tour of the district, enjoy!