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A website day

Welcome dear reader: Today I am near Oxford, it’s chilly, sunshine and showers.

Serious progress today replanning my web site. Working with my oldest friend or rather, Internet guru Dr Michael Baker and founder of the “Michael Baker Club” for Michael Bakers worldwide (currently 22 known).

I have known this particular Michael B since we were about 10 years old.

My site www.frickers.co.uk was initiated in 1998 and has grown and developed partly by evolution, less by design.

As the Internet is a bit like the Wild West Frontier, change and adapt being the keywords, over the past 2 years we and others have made a series of in depth studies of where the Internet is going including my attending 3 government run courses thanks to the excellent UK Trades Investment Scheme.

Result, frustration! With my life in free fall undergoing major personal challenge,  I have been unable to implement the tricks we have in store. At last with Michael’s help today we are making some progress, we have researched and redesigned the page layouts, a major challenge as besides looking rather 1999, there s a lack of continuity, next is to implement the changes as widely as we can withing the 600+ page site… Other tasks today  include this frickers blog on the slipway since last january and finally launched today, welcome aboard!