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Cotswold Stone

Today I am leaving Michael’s beautiful Cotswold stone house in this picture book Cotswold stone village. The sun is shinning from a clear blue sky. A very fresh cold breeze made for an exhilarating morning walk before a shower and back to the laptops and web site tasks.

Aside from finding my bro and sis predictably are as unhelpful as ever re my Mum’s estate and abusing what is now half “my” house, my children and Mum’s estate, life is OK. Apparently the problem of children raiding and abusing elderly people’s savings is on the increase, very trendy of my bro and sis. Easy to guess why they won’t give me access?
Disappointing they don’t seem to grasp words like ethical and integrity…
One of the last things Mum said to me along with “get married” was a wish that the family could be harmonious.
What would my Mum and Dad thinking of their shenanigans?

That aside, Clients happy, friends happy, more painting commissions on the horizon and very pleased with what Michael B and I have prepared for my web site. The intention is to bring the website thoroughly into 2009.
You may recall it started life in 1998 and has evolved rather than been designed?

We have a long list of tasks to refine and very clear objectives.
While it does better than most art sites, we think it has not realized it’s potential hence the current labours and why I “did” 3 government run (UKTI Scheme for overseas sales) internet business courses last year.

Back in Plymouth later today, 3.5 hr drive S.W. to various appointments for next week including an interview with Gordon Sparks of Radio Devon next Tuesday morning, Gordon is a lively interviewer, always fun.
Otherwise counting the hours to the next ferry and warmer climes.