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Stange things happen on computers…

Mysterious happenings on my desktop computer

Wow, what a difference, I’d never go back!

Last week I treated my desktop PC to a new monitor/screen.  I changed my 17″ screen for the latest thing according to their web site, from AMU, a 22″ flat screen.

The 5 year old 17″ was ceremoniously retired and replaced with a shinny new 22″ flat screen built by AMU

But why does the new screen re arrange the desktop and documents (example showing 2 pages next to each other) without my asking it to???

What other “initiatives” has it got to surprise the unwary???

Exploiting the potential of the new screen, soon I will begin to tackle a very “thorny” subject. How faithfully can one get the photographs of my paintings to reproduce on the website?

I am all too conscious that at present it is a rather hit and miss struggle to get near accurate colour and it is working at the limits of my Epsom 2450 scanner and Canon D350 camera.

These devices despite claims to the contrary do not easily reproduce colours faithfully, many strange distortions occurred…

It is part of the issue Gallery  Four Advantages http://www.frickers.co.uk/colour/index.html is exploring.

I know there are some problems it seems none of the manufactures are interested in addressing even though a solution would give them a competitive marketing edge. Who knows why?   

I will write more on this subject soon.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in developing colour reproduction with digital cameras.