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Kim died, she would like to carry out his wish…

Kim Stephens died before he could enjoy his painting as shown on http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/kim_stephens.html.

Morwhenna commissioned me saying they had been meaning to commission a
painting. Kim had died, she would like to carry out his wish.

This charming and very unusual marine painting of a Dart class cat, a watercolour, this week end caused a  friend of many years to get in touch.

I was sorry to have been the bearer of grim news. CH had not heard that Kim Stephens had died.

I too knew Kim in the early Panthercraft days when I was a member at
Restronguet SC and lived in Falmouth and worked for Falmarine Ltd.
Kim died quite a long time ago of cancer, really quite young.

The Dart class Catamaran and the location  which you may recognise was Morwhenna’s choice as was showing their son crewing. Kim with Ian Fraser were instrumental in the Development of the Dart Catamaran and both were experts sailing the larger Tornado Catamaran.

I was able to bring CH up to date on a few happier things, explaining currently I divide my time between a studio in SW France and Plymouth.

CH and his wife were also great friends of my Mother visiting her quite often. They were among those my bro and sis did not inform when Mother died and excluded from the reception after the funeral. 

My bro and sis continue to be very unreasonable over Mum’s house and estate and have refused any of her friends any “keepsake”.
Seems bro and sis want as much as they can grab.

I am still denied the access to
the house I am legally entitled to. It appears to be rented out or at least
used by them and their friends.

We are told this attitude to elderly parents and other siblings is on the increase.

What can be done about such people?
Never mind it will pass, on the plus side the issue sometimes brings me to
St Austell so maybe we good friends will have a reunion one evening and have a few yarns, prehaps even plan a future adventure?
I have also been passing St Austell recently en route to Falmouth, still a favourite place of mine,  quite a bit mostly for a client who wanted his
superyacht painted.