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Gold turns brown, the credit crisis, wine or dolphins?

Gold turns brown, an oblique reference to the credit crisis, dolpins or to wine?

An amusing French expression much used at Castelnau de Montmiral at present. Tous les jours ce n’est pas du temps de saison – all and every day it is not the weather for the season.

In the Gaillac and Albi region gold means the vines and has done for some 2000 years.

It is the colour of the vineyards in late October. This year change is coming fast. Normally winter is thought here to arrive on the 1st of November (after Halloween).

Following several days of heavy rain and North winds, this morning the temperature dropped to 3C. Kind of hard to believe only 2 weeks ago were were in t shirts, shorts and sandels.

Today is sunny but chilli, ideal for painting in the studio; I’m working on the sea for a series of dhows.

The next 2 days forecast is more rain followed by a return to brilliant sunshine.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, anyone know anything about dolphins and sea birds of the Arabian Gulf and Persian Gulf?

Some reference photos would be very helpful.
When the sun returns which is usually soon does here (no S.A.D. syndrome in the Tarn) I am hoping for some warmer temperatures so I can escape the studio and work with the vines and morning mists.