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A momentous 18 months since the previous newsletter!

Newsletter 6 from The Art of Gordon Frickers, November 2008

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www.frickers.co.uk was one of the first web sites to have an RSS feed facility. This news feed facility is currently off line being upgraded, “we shall return“.

For your convenience this newsletter is designed for speed reading.
Contents in this issue

1. Welcome
2. Subscribe / Unsubscribe
3. In brief
4. New Print Gallery
5. Superyachts, dhows and frigates!
6. This Artist
7. Communications
8. New addresses
9. Adventures in the South of France
10.  Web site, major changes
11.  Very Important, Failed e mails
12.  To commission
13.  Our guarantee
14.  And finally
~ ~ ~

To our sixth Newsletter; we hope you enjoy this newsletter and the rich resource that is our surprising web site; www.frickers.co.uk
with best wishes from
Gordon Frickers.
Kindly forward this newsletter to help spread the news, thank you, GF.

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We appreciate your interest, value your feedback and your support.

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In brief

Our most recent major developments include:

<> Change of postal address after 21 years.

<> We are trialling this blog (www.frickers.co.uk/blog) which will in time will serve many functions also act for you as a type of Forum and research archive.

<> The web site conceived in 1998, is in the process of a very major overhaul, more on this below.

<> Our range of Prestige Edition pictures has been considerably extended with new editions.

<> Gordon Frickers is now a member of the British Marine Federation.

<> On the web site, to help you stay up to date, we have a NEWS column with an RSS facility where all NEW paintings and prints and new text are conveniently listed.
We try to make this newsletter interesting, confidential, relevant and valuable, to support www.frickers.co.uk .
This is your first newsletter for since May 2007 and a lot has happened, is happening in our art world; news is not just Obama being elected!

~ ~ ~

NEW Print Gallery

<> This gallery offers wonderful rare gifts. The link is http://www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html

<> The shopping cart has been changed for a more suitable system. It remains very secure!

<> The Print Gallery has now been divided; marine painting now has its own separate gallery.

<> Almost sold out – at the time of writing there are only 3 copies left of the beautiful “Vagrant off the Needles”.
Once sold, that’s it, a copy will cost what ever the vendor can get and we have already heard of copies (framed) going for £500.00! It’s that or phone our friends Beken of Cowes for a good photograph.

<> We continue to respond to demand by gradually adding new pictures to our Print Gallery, some of the latest include “A dispute settled”, “Zeven Provinciën”, Royal Netherlands Navy” and “Velsheda, superyacht on charter”.
<> If you have a favourite painting we are able to consider printing one off copies for very reasonable prices.

<> Special Offer – “Roaring Forties” – A splendid gift, our most famous yachtsman and navigator Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has signed the copies, stocks won’t last for ever!

Of “Trafalgar Dawn”,
“Thank you for my beautiful picture safely arrived. I love the frame ! It will give me years of pleasure, good luck with your work”.
Sally Wickens, Penzance 15.08.05

“Greetings Gordon, My print of the Waterwitch arrived today at 1:30pm!  Great service from the post office.
I am very pleased with the picture and it will hang in a place of honour in our home”.
J.Morton, Canada, mailto:jmorton@nullblissnoram.com

~ ~ ~

Superyachts, dhows and frigates!

New Painting:
<> Much of the past year has been devoted to painting commissions including Superyachts, frigates and dhows, the latter proving a bit difficult to research.

<> These have been for such diverse clients as the Government of Oman (including for the Sultan’s new yacht), the Ministry of Defence / BAE Systems, and superyacht builders including Devonport Royal Dockyard Ltd (visit – http://www.devonportyachts.com/news/newsletter/ and enjoy their Autumn 2008 online news.
The colour of the superyacht’s hull is more accurate in Gordon’s painting than the photograph!)

<> A very remarkable series of landscapes were painted around Castelnau de Montmiral, not yet on the web site.

<> Currently Gordon is working on more dhows, and has several paintings, not urgent, under preparation, possibly the most unusual of which will be of “The Flying Scotsman”.

<> ? As a private buyer coming directly to the artist with your link to the web site, with no gallery commission are you effectively getting a bargain?

<> While the value of Gordon’s art work has increased some 270% over the past 15 years, many people consider it still under valued.

<> At a recent Superyacht uk venue (in Pendennis Castle) delegates viewed the original of “A dispute settled”, kindly loaned by Mr. G. Trebilcock and painted some 20 years ago for his Father.
We were pleasantly surprised by the value they placed on “A dispute settled”, well above the prices Gordon asks!

<> Would you agree, Gordon’s art remains by comparison with much other art, probably under priced, certainly a very good buy?

<> Certainly, quality fine art has together with gold, proven over the past 50 years to be a remarkably reliable investment including during the present credit crunch.

<> Commissioning paintings: This could not be easier and is of course backed by our full money back no quibble guarantee.

You can find details at Commissioning paintingshttp://www.frickers.co.uk/commission.html

<> Please remember good painting takes time; great painting takes longer. To avoid disappointment please don’t dither, order sooner not later, thank you.

~ ~ ~
This Artist
In different ways all artists are special
Why is Gordon Frickers special?

Because of the range and depth of his knowledge of painting, drawing and his speciality,  marine subjects

Because in common with some of the greatest painters of the past Gordon Frickers has a special form of colour vision and colour constancy consequently thus colours are often surprising and each painting is an unrepeatable colour experience.
Because he benefits from the creativity of working in parallel on two approaches

~ ~ ~


<> There have been some major developments. After a difficult spell, it is getting much easier to contact Gordon.
If in doubt you have only to refer to the Contact Us page for the latest addresses.

<> The easiest way to get in touch is an email subscribe@nullfrickers.co.uk; please word the subject: “VFA” or “very fine art” thus we will know it is not spam, thank you.

<> We always reply to emails and texts that reach us; unless the servers or we think they are spam.

<> We have a new phone number – + 44 (0)1865 52 2435.
Soon we will have a similar French number.

<> Text / mobile remains unchanged + 44 (0) 78 80 80 60 94 however it is at International rates

<> Our well know email addresses remain unchanged. The most popular include gordon@nullfrickers.co.uk, info@nullfrickers.co.uk and gordon@nullfrickers.co.uk

<> Kindly also note, the phone number: +44 1752 40 33 44 is now obsolete

~ ~ ~
New Addresses

Snail Mail Post to:

Gordon Frickers (Fine Art)
41a Oak Tree Park,
Glenholt, Plymouth
Devon, PL6 7JZ

Until further notice:
Maison d’Ancelet,
Gordon Frickers,
Rue Basse,
Castelnau de Montmiral,
81140 Tarn, France

~ ~ ~

Adventures in the South of France

After 21 years at Plymouth in September 2007 Gordon Frickers sold his home and is currently dividing his time between France and Plymouth !

<> New postal addresses are listed below.
<> The generous opportunity offered to live and paint at least for a while in SW France seemed to rare and good to miss.
Life was not made any easier by his brother and sister when his dear old Mum died. They changed the locks on her house even before she passed away and have refused to co operate in any way, not even revealing where her remains are, how can such people sleep at night?

There are though some wonderful people in the world (not only Obama)!

For about 1/3 of the time, thanks to 3 very kind friends he is painting and sharing a beautiful studio in South West France where the light is better and more reliable thus he is more productive.
This enables him to paint with fewer distractions and to spend more time with other artists.

<> When there, he lives mostly in Castelnau de Montmiral, 13th Century and one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France.
An Internet search will give you an impression of this very picturesque 13th Century hill top village.

<> You can view Gordon’s beautiful paintings of the village and the area in Galleries 3 and 4 on www.frickers.co.uk.

<> Gordon is gradually exploring the South of France and parts of Spain. Too many adventures to list here, maybe some in the next newsletter and certainly future adventures will appear on the new www.frickers.co.uk/blog.

<> Britain continues to be the source of most of his business; thanks to your support, GB has not lost him.
Addresses below and on the web site at  http://www.frickers.co.uk/contact.htmlContact Us

<> While Gordon is very grateful to his friends in France for their support and patronage, he has to be looking for a more permanent home and studio. Where depends on what is on offer.

<> Maybe as an artist in residence, possibly the ultimate city or house hold accessory?

<> Gordon has also found time to visit the Basque region of France and Spain, justifiably renowned for the best surfing beaches in Europe, the far SW of France and parts of the W Med regions. Next year the plan is to explore S East France and maybe the ship building parts of Italy.
Read on or Contact us via www.frickers.co.uk
~ ~ ~

Web site, major changes

<> We are trialling a blog (www.frickers.co.uk/blog) which will in time serve many functions also act for you as a type of Forum and research archive.

<> The most striking change to the web site is an all new look and improved layout.
When you take a look you will see we are still in the process of giving the web site its fresh look, making it easier to read, navigate and buy from.

<> Behind the scenes we are making many advanced technical changes to help you. These changes already include a better shopping cart.

<> Making pages easier to update will have many benefits including special offers!!!.

<> The web site was designed and built in 1998/9 so is now dated hence the need for a very major overhaul.
We have already been working on the changes for over a month.
As you will appreciate though, profound change often takes time.
Many of the most important changes are complete or will be within a few days, and the remainder will be completed by January 2009.

<> We continue to refine the web site, our mission statement is to make it an excellent site for all surfers.

~ ~ ~
Very Important, Failed e mails
Important Note on Emails
<> We value your interest be it enquiry or feedback. Kindly mark the subject “VFA” or “Very Fine Art” and note the date you sent it, thank you.

<> If you don’t hear from us within 24 hours please assume your e mail was lost en route.

<> Kindly try again with a very clear subject line, “VFA” will do, or text or phone us, thanks.

<> In common with many other businesses we are finding that current anti spam measures are blocking many legitimate e-mails, in particular those sent for the first time to an address.
Please do not be upset with the servers.

Spam is such a problem that all ISPs/mail services heavily filter e-mail nowadays. “False-positives” (filters than drop e-mail by mistake) happen, due to the complexity and the sheer amount of spam they receive.

Please white list us to ensure that you can receive all e-zines, post-order e-mails, and other e-mail that you request.
If you are not sure how just ask us.

~ ~ ~

To commission

The page www.frickers.co.uk/commission. has been re written to make it easier to commission a painting.

I would love another Frickers Painting“, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

~ ~ ~
Our Guarantee
We aim to over deliver. To give you everything you could possibly expect.

I paint don’t paint wall decor or souvenirs for tourists. Yes, I am passionate about painting. Every painting receives my total commitment”.

1. What you get is what you thought you bought or you get your money back, a full refund including P&P.
2. Our terms are among the very few on any web sites that properly protect the clients.

~ ~ ~

Visit the Print gallery http://www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html Order today, don’t delay or phone to ask Gordon Frickers Fine Art.

• Phone 0044 (0) 1865 52 2435 or text + 44 (0) 788 08 06 094
• e mail  info@nullfrickers.co.uk or
• Skype “gordonfrickers”.
• Visit www.frickers.co.uk/contact.

And Finally

If we can be of further assistance, don’t hesitate to e mail  info@nullfrickers.co.uk subject; “VFA” = “Very Fine Art” or phone to ask.

We hope this newsletter has been a pleasure for you and you will respond and pass it on, your comments, contributions and plain old keeping in touch will be very welcome.

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