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House warming, pendre la crémaillère

This was my first effort at creating une Fete, a party in France so bit of a challenge.   Soir_de_la_Fete__ma_maison_IMG_4606_wp.jpg

Pendre la crémaillère according to our friends at the Gaillac AngloFrench language club is an old French expression still much used meaning “to hang the pot”.

You can probably guess it’s origin and current interpretation?

My guests included all my neighbours plus some of the people I’ve met from all over the district.
This House warming party went well, about 50 people visited including Jack, Mayor, Itzac and other good folk from as far afield as Albi and Gaillac .
The sunset was stunning, again, (it has been for the past 2 weeks) March_sunset_IMG_4569_wp.jpgand the days have been 18 to 30C clear skies with mostly mild evenings.

It’s only March, was using the Terrace a joy?

From the terrace after sunset we could see the Pyrenee Mountains some 100 ish miles away!  Soir_210309__vue_des_Pyrenees__Mount_Midi_IMG_4608_wp.jpg

Can you see the snow on Mount Midi?

By the way the postal address and all my contact details can always be found on my web site at page http://frickers.co.uk/contact.html

At present the new “bits” are

Chez Madame Naylor
Gordon Frickers
Le Pigeonnier d’Itzac
81170 ITZAC
I’ve dropped Vodaphone in favour of  Three so the new mobile number is:

(UK) 07588 411720 (International: +44 7588 411720)
To my surprise, unsolicited, almost everyone brought some thing, ranging from flowers to Champagne and Pomerol.
Some folk asked if there was anything I need in my “new home”.
I am very touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness of my new friends.
Then again that is my general experience of this part of France.
Added to which this little known region in my estimation enjoys arguably the best climate in France and a frequently surprising landscape.

Alan Ansell, English living at Castelnau de Montmiral,  x dj in Brighton, recently turned painter provided the music and we kept things interactive which seemed popular.

I was surprised how much people would drink considering most had driven/were driven here.
Not a problem as I’d bought plenty and more arrived.
I may even have a surplus on the wine.

I choose wines I know are good and excellent value, Corbiers, Minevois, Cellier des Dauphins of Cote de Rhone, that sort of thing, often available for fewer than 3 Euros if you know where to look.

If not you could try asking me!
I was lucky to be given some very nice wines plus Chris n Ruth Boddington contributed devilled eggs and 3 bottles of good Champagne.

Do you think the Champagne lasted the night?

Many of my guests thanked me for the good ambiance of the party.

I thank them all; everyone contributed to the ambiance in their own way.

Thanks to those many friends if you care to drop by in the next few weeks you can be sure of plenty of good food, wine and beer here!

I wish to thank everyone who came for being here and those who could not who kindly replied to my invitation.

It’s safe to say a good time was had by all and a toast was raised to absent friends.