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Foret de Sivens, the blasted Oak, experimenting with colour and imagination.

This vivid painting of a fine old oak started as part of a series of experiments exploring my strange colour vision, then began mysteriously to evolve into a symbol.   Blasted_Oak_detail.jpg

Maybe once the Oak stood with others, maybe they died, were cleared or Ent like, walked away?

Do you have time to look at this old tree?

Do you  begin to  you think, as it reminded me, of those thousands of people the beauty and confidence of youth departed, whose lives have been blasted by fate but have the courage to live on and even flourish?

This painting, from deep in the forest of Sivens is the first to appear on the net in this series.

The Blasted Oak is one of a series of experimental paintings searching for forest form, visionary colour combinations and spirits of the forest.

The Foret de Sivens, near Gaillac in the Tarn region is largely unspoilt, hardly changed in 2000 years,  one of the oldest most natural forests in Europe.

The Foret de Sivens is a great place to picnic, easy to get lost in as I found out for myself,  and a wondrous source of natural produce including many flowers.

Before you go raiding the forest, do please visit the little pharmacy at the square Castelnau de Montmiral.

The Pharmasist makes a delicious range of perfumes, soaps and other products from the natural ingredients of the forest and also stocks similar products from other suppliers so all in all is a gem of a shop.

You may think my initial objective was not very scientific?

To walk deep into the forest and encourage it’s ambiance to merge with my conscious thoughts, then to search for forest form and looking for colour combinations exploiting my personal colour vision and lack of colour constancy.

I was surprised to find as I revisited and moved about the forest I also began to experience visionary images, almost as if the forest was trying to tell me something, a story or show me pictures.

Product of a vivid imagination?

Was I over Tolkien’d?

I left the forest richer for the experience and with ideas for some mystical paintings utilising my extraordinary colour vision and the impressions the Foret de Sivens gave me.

The Tarn is not a normal tourist destination. Have you, will you visit this ancient forest?