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HMS VICTORY, a very high quality model for sale

While not a marine painting this is certainly from the photos I have seen, marine model!
A rare chance to acquire a high quality marine model as in large ship model.   HMS_Victory_wp.jpg

I am a marine artist who at one time worked for for several years to help raise funds and interest HMS Victory, hence the link.
I carried a letter of introduction from the then commander of HMS Victory, Michael Cheshire and worked closely with Peter Goodwin the keeper and curator of HMS Victory.

You can see my work at www.frickers.co.uk including much on the battle of Trafalgar and Admiral Nelson themes.

In particular see pages related to http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/war_ships.html

A mate in the Royal Naval Air Service forwarded this email to me:
Michael Ellis <slovpro@nullhotmail.com>

A message from Nipper Ellis (64 / 67) For the past 4 yrs my retired neighbour, Bob Pearce, has been making a scaled down model of HMS VICTORY.
Sadly, due to personal circumstances he needs to sell it on.

This ship model of HMS Victory is a wonderful model that would adorn any study / sitting room, indeed, form a backdrop to a restaurant, pub or similar establishment.

Dimensions: Actual Ship: 51ins x 35ins x 17ins.

The Display Case with hood and internal lighting: 52.5ins x 42.5 inchs x 19ins
He is asking £1200 ovno.

If you are interested either send me an email or call Bob on 020 8580 4543.
(Nipper Ellis)