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The Flying Scotsman, True or false?

Now working on a painting of the “Flying Scotsman” crossing the Royal Albert Bridge with Pullman coaches.  Flying_Scot_sketch_painting_04.09_001_wp.jpg

True or false?

The Flying Scotsman is considered by many to be the world’s most famous engine, my guess is they are mostly Scots!

It is hard to argue that it is not a very impressive engine.

This is my first venture into painting a “traine vapour”, fun and I am taking this seriously.

I have many questions, some quite basic like are most steam engines the same height?

What does a Pullman coach look like?

I propose showing the scene with a pinkish summer morning mist clearing in the valley.


The location is one I know very well having lived in Plymouth for 22 years and before that in Cornwall. It helps. I also visited the location to sketch, photograph and as it turned out be helped by Craig Munday who happened to be working in the old signal box by the bridge on the Devon side.

More of the story as the painting emerges.

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Many of us me inc have been fascinated by steam engines since an early age thus it with some pleasure I work on this painting. .

The Royal Albert Bridge, spans the beautiful River Tamar between Devon and Cornwall.

The Bridge was built buy IK Burnell celebrated it’s 150 birthday on the 01.05.09 by being opened for the day to the public for a walk.


This painting is for my friends Jerry and Tina Sibley who without hesitation helped me when I needed help and was really “stuck”, thanks Jerry n Tina.