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Do you have any information on Unique?

I wonder if you, kind reader, can help with photos and history of HM Submarine “Unique“, or her sister boats, or at least point me in the right direction?
I wish to paint Unique as a gift for my friend Chris Boddington.
A modest token of my appreciation for him generously sharing his beautiful studio with me.

Unique had quite a brief career.

Not unusual as British Submarine losses in World War 2 were 65%.

We have found the basic info on the Internet, not much and not reliable.

We are asking the very reliable  World Ship Society of which I have been a member for many years, and await a reply. (http://www.worldshipsociety.org/)
The Submarine Museum at Gosport (Portsmouth) failed to reply to my emails.

I suppose I should try phoning them???
We know Unique was lost with all hands in the N Atlantic on patrol off Spain, probably on 10 Oct 1942.

Apparently an under water explosion was heard that day by another boat in the vicinity.
The official report as I understand says Unique may have had an accident, hit a mine or been sunk by the Germans.
However we know the Germans made no such claim.
We also understand (it would be interesting to confirm) that Coastal Command claimed to have sunk a U boat that day in that area.
If I am correct and again it would be interesting to confirm this,  the German records admit no U boat loss in that area on that day.
Our connection with Unique is simple.

At that time, the commander of Unique was Lt Robert Evelyn Boddington RN KIA, father of my friend Chris.

Any information would be much appreciated.
It is my hope to eventually present Chris with a fine painting possibly of Unique at a depot ship or on patrol, to become a family treasure, and maybe a complimantary print to each of my “helpers”.

In similar vein, there is much useful info on my web site particularly on the “further reading” pages and it is constantly being added to.
if I can ever help you or any others with research issues I would be delighted to be given the opportunity.


Gordon Frickers