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Flying Scotsman on track

The under painting  continues to develop. Unsualy this painting of the famous steam train and I K Brunel’s renowned Tamar Bridge is having it’s drawing adjusted as it progresses.    Flying_Scot_IMG_5016_19.05.09_wp.jpgMore normal would be to have the drawing prepared in advance. However, as a series of sketches and location photos are combined, the largest only 355 x 200 mm, 10″ x 8 “, it is not possible for the drawing to be completely accurate when reproduced full size on the painting.

An earlier fine example of this technique which also includes a train and bridge was the “Port of Chester (1863)”  painting,  http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/chester.html (available as a signed limited edition). Port of Chester measured 1002 x 1125, mm (60″ x 30″) and although an A2 drawing was prepared, still needed some adjustments made to the perspective once marked out full size.


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It the case of Port of Chester, the City Councilors had asked to see the progress of the work.

A large drawing was necessairy and shown as part of a 20 minute illustrated  talk the artist gave at their request to the councilors, showing them some of the research and the proposed painting.

Scored a result there, with an invitation to unveil the painting at a civic reception at the town hall of Chester with 400 invited guests, a considerable honour.

We sold 90 prints that evening!

I wonder if this painting of the Flying Scotsman will have marketing possibilities?