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Plymouth, City of discovery

Plymouth, the city has been my home for over 22 years, most of which was based in Plymstock.  Plymouth_Cattewater_IMG_4313_d.jpg

Almost all of my most famous paintings were created while living in Plymouth including Roaring Forties http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/suhaili.html 

A few copies, signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston are still available from http://www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html

You can add a copy to your collection with confidence using PayPal on the Print Gallery page.  

I am  having  2 relaxed enjoyable and sociable weeks in Plymouth.

Many consider the city Plymouth has the finest harbour on the south coast of England. Certainly many a famous voyage started at Plymouth. I’ll have more to say about that in the coming months as some new and historically important paintings of the port take shape, so if interested, book mark this blog!  Plymouth_approaches_IMG_5065_wp_.jpg

In Plymouth I have service my 3 PC’s at SPC of Exeter Street, had a new windscreen fitted to my Vectra ( 2nd in 2 years, are Vectra’s particularly vulnerable to stone chips???) had my car serviced  MoT’d by Car car of Plymstock and myself serviced myself with my doctor, dentist, optician and had my chest x rayed at Derriford Hosptal.

Good news, my chest is now OK the pneumonia has gone. It was my first experience of a long illness. Anyone know the quickest way to get fit after pneumonia?

I still find I tire very easily and am horrified to see how much muscle wastage I have, must get back to the sea again, the lonely sea and the sky, my real home…

Better news, with my good friend, the excellent portrait painter David Folley, we went to Jive clubs. Those being at The Royal British Legion Club, Crown Hill and at  The college of St Mark and St John (a great web site at http://www.cerocdevon.com/) and Great fun and a pleasure to refresh the dance techniques. I was pleasantly surprised how many people remembered me, wanted to exchange news and have a dance.

I have also had fun shopping, new cloths and as no one else will be giving me a birthday present, I bought myself a new surf wet suit (shortie) and a better tent. I plan to tour the Cote d’Azur and surfing beaches this summer, painting researching possible markets and getting fit.  Plymouth__l__Armada_Centre_IMG_5040_wp.jpg

Plymouth is a great city for shopping, modern with a vast selection of more than I could imagine.

I may even find some where I’d be able to aford to live near the sea.

I also have in mind 2 historical paintings of the Cattewater and Sutton Harbour.

I have begun research.

If you have any info on the Cattewater period 1588 and 1860 or Sutton Harbour period 1905 I would very much like to hear from you???  Plymouth_Cattewater_IMG_4313_d.jpg

My ideas have already attracted interest from the City Museum and Naval reference Library for possible exhibitions.

If you can be useful, I’d gladly involve you and if you wish show my appreciation with a compliamentary print.