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Sarafsa, a secretive super yacht

While in Cannes on the cote d’azur sussing the super yachts,  I spotted Sarafsa, the 3,250 ish ton super yacht – or is it superyacht?   Sarafsa_at_Cannes_IMG_5519_wp.jpg

As Sarafsa is now thoroughly in the public domain here are a couple of photos snapped as my boat passed Sarafsa.   Sarafsa_at_Cannes_IMG_5517_wp.jpg

I’d heard Sarafsa was in the Gulf of Arabia.

I was very pleased to see her not least because I painted her last year.

Iam not allowed to show the painting on my web site, a confidentiality agreement. (See http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/superyachts.html ).

Sarafsa was a pleasure to paint, a beautifully built yacht. I wish people had consulted me about the interior decoration though, I felt that the interior deco had some weak moments.

UnfortunatelyI did not have time to say Hi to the crew.

I was en route to Saint Tropez – or is it St Tropez?

Maybe I’ll meet them again when I go to the Monaco Yacht Show at Monte Carlo in late September?

I hugely enjoyed working with my clients while I prepared to paint Sarafsa and am only disappointed this great marine painting remains even to the owner of Sarafsa, unknown.