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Newsletter 8, Sea Fever and super yachts

Newsletter, Sea Fever and super yachts, The Marine Art of Gordon Frickers No. 8 © august 2009

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1. In brief
2. New phone
3. I’ve moved house
4. A superb new Marine Print:
5. New on the web site
6. Blog
7. Marine paintings
8. New paintings
9. Super yachts
10. Monaco Yacht Show September 23 to 26?
11. Wotsitworth? ? ?
12. Next please
13. Sea Fever
14. Research
15. Special thank you

Your news is always welcome; now here is a little light reading for the summer break, enjoy.

Gordon at Antibes, cote d’azur  Antibes__GF_IMG_5480_wp.jpg

I made an 11 day tour to look over the super yacht industry including producing 2 paintings of harbours.

En route to Cannes I had the excellent luck to meet and have dinner with the renowned French artist Dominique Rembauville who recommended I base myself in Antibes.

This turned out to be an excellent suggestion.

The only down side is I can’t read her email address so she can’t recieve this and another excellent Dominique_R_IMG_5262_wp.JPG photo I took of her…

Can you help Dominique Rembauville contact me ?

2009 started with my first experience of a long illness, included bronchial pneumonia, leading to a visit to the Hospital at Albi. On the plus side most of the nurses are gorgeous on the minus side I did not get much work done for 5 months so could not afford one!

Having had to ease off, advertising has become necessary.

By the way, we accept payments for paintings in stages and offer a guarantee unsurpassed on the Internet despite.

Anyway following a reconnaissance of the Cote d’Azur, I am fighting fit now so watch out!

That said, my first advert in 18 years has gone into the very glossy magazine
Our new advert, a collector’s item, is bright, clear, punchie and has a great painting.

The ad reads:

Prince Philip winning at Cowes Week by Gordon Frickers.

Exclusive, professional, the best of British Marine Art

A highly experienced marine artist Gordon Frickers has many famous paintings to his credit.

Our efforts with the painting were highly successful” Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Many thanks for producing a truly beautiful painting” ~ Devonport Royal

For memorable fine art of enduring worth contact or better, meet Gordon Frickers.


Like a free copy of this picture?
Email me if you would.

Superyacht Business, The Best of British is British Marine Federation glossy mag given away at all the major yacht Shows, Monte Carlo at Monaco, Fort Lauderdale etc so will show my marine painting to a whole new network of specialists.
The ad has already produced enquiries for marine paintings and at the very least will help make my name familiar as a marine artist, The future of super yachts, (or is it superyachts?)  looks healthy so the questions are, will the super yacht world realise it can benefit from  Gordon Frickers  are these people are ready for first class  marine art?

By the way, is it super yacht or is it superyacht?

As the advert comments,
Recent clients included super yacht builders, super yacht owners, the Ministry of Defence and the government of Oman so for memorable paintings and prints of enduring worth contact or better, meet Gordon Frickers

New phone numbers,

I have change to “Three” from Vodafone, half the price for calls including in Europe and better service.
My mobile is now +44 (0) 7588 411 720

I’ve moved house

From the enchanting Castelnau de Montmiral to beautiful Itzac.  ma_maison_IMG_5815_wp.jpg

My Plymouth address remains unchanged, the current addresses are on

My email addresses are unchanged, gordon@nullfrickers.co.uk is reliable.

A superb new Marine Print

We were talked into publishing this picture by Euro MP Brian Simson whose father served on the aircraft carrier HMS Formidable.

Brian has kindly asked if I am interested in an exhibition at the European Parliament — do fish swim, is the Pope Catholic?
See superb marine prints in our Print Gallery, purchase securely using Paypal or phone Gordon Frickers Fine Art, 01865 52 2435

New on the web site

We are making many improvements to www.frickers.co.uk. The aims include, more user friendly and sociable, easier to leave messages on, to contact us and to buy from.

Changes include a “very useful pages” section on the navigation page and a very unusual CV/résumé http://www.frickers.co.uk/about.html
We are also updating the SEO terms and making other behind the scenes upgrades.

Responding to friendly advice the site is becoming much more focused, on marine art.
None of the other pages have been deleted, rather moved to an “archive” accessible via the Navigation page so the emphasis is going increasingly onto the best and newest works.
We reason, if you see a book on a famous painter, you only see his “best” work, so we too can play that game, makes sense?


Much improved; you can help by keeping an eye on it and better, leaving comments.
Your comments on the blog really help us with feed back and SOE -search engine optimization, thank you.

Marine paintings

have been given the 2009 look.
Including THE study of Prince Philip winning at Cowes (featured on the new advert) and the Ben Ainslie an action portrait, Sydney Olympic Games which now looks magic and has attracted the attention for marketing of the London Olympic Organising Committee 2012

New paintings

Include a study of the famous “Flying Scotsman”, with Pullman coaches, in a very distinctive location.
Recognise the place???

You can better see the painting on my blog: http://www.frickers.co.uk/blog/ dated 06.06.09

Super yachts

– Potential new market? The 11 day reconnaissance of the Cote d’azur, amazing!

See the web stories under Cote d’azur!
I came away convinced superyachts are ready for the Art of Gordon Frickers; but only just; it will be a difficult market.
In the past year I have had the good fortune to paint a series of superyachts to commission.
I am encouraged by the UKTI Scheme and Superyacht UK to paint more…
The problem seems to be finding people in the industry who appreciate what fine art can do for them and their business.

Know of any leads?

I lead sent by a friend is better than advertising.

I willing pay the full industry rate of commission for your introducing a commission.

Monaco Yacht Show September 23 to 26

Based at legendary Monte Carlo, many consider this THE boat show of the year.
It is grandly titled the 19th Monaco Yacht Show – 2009 and includes the Red Arrows, evening of the 24th.

So, what are you doing this September?

Would you like to keep me company, share the adventure? You could, contact us!

I will be looking to gracefully meet professional people in the Superyacht world. I’ll be staying near Nice.

Wotsitworth? ? ?

From time to time I am asked the question, what is my painting worth?
Recently these 2 paintings,
The New Westminster City, a merchant ship sunk while in convoy PQ13 and my client, former apprentice Mills under attack, painted about 1988.

Mr Mills said he really did fire his guns in anger at the Junkers Ju88’s but was much to excited to aim well.

He added cheerfully, 3 days later we were sunk and I lost a leg. View page http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/pq_13_new_westminster_city.html
Sadly Mr Mills, my client has died and the new owner of the painting asked the question, how much?
A tea clipper study and a fine one too, “Fiery Cross” similar tale, painted about 1984, Wotsitworth ? what are they worth at auction?

The battle of Trafalgar – Most of the Trafalgar collection has become available, the originals that is, currently in a bank vault in central London – what are they worth at auction?

We know some of our prints have been changing hands for £500 +

Can you tell me what these paintings are worth?

Next please

It seems I have to concentrate on Marine art, as you know, not a great hardship for me!
I have and continue to produce some remarkable landscapes exploiting my unconventional colour vision including recently my largest landscape to date measuring 40” x 30”.
While it is entirely possible that one day the landscapes will be worth more than my marine painting, I’ve not yet found a satisfactory outlet for these often remarkable landscape paintings which sell steadily in the £350 to 2,000 price bracket.

Thus my way ahead must be focused on commercial shipping and Superyachts.

I have had several offers of exhibitions but remain choosy.
Because it is easy to get an exhibition, but expensive and they eat time. Thus unless it is likely to be a financial success why show?
Currently we are looking at offers from what I am told (well they would say that wouldn’t they) the best galleries in Toulouse and Lille.

That said serious offers are very welcome so please pass them on!

Sea Fever

Having moved from Castelnau de Montmiral, a few kilometres down the road to fair Itzac (about an hour’s drive East from Toulouse) I can confirm, Itzac is good, lots of sunshine, wonderful light for painting.
At Itzac I am renting a charming cottage. Chris and Ruth Boddington have shown me much kindness, Lizzie and George (Bod’s cats), much affection. I try to be a good guest / tenant.

There are problems though; which include, typical of minor French villages, poor internet and phone connections, a lack of studio space, remoteness and other issues, the list goes on but I won’t!
Thus I don’t intend to stay at Itzac indefinitely.

If you know of any ways to improve wifi down load speeds PLEASE speak up!!!
More serious, I have a bad case of sea fever…

Ideally, I’d look at apartments any where between La Rochelle and Brest but anywhere from South Cornwall to the Cote d’azur would be ok!

It has also been suggested, I write to some society magazines. The Lady has been mentioned.
First prob, find the right publications, do you have any suggestions ???

Maybe you know some one with a spare house needing the ultimate accessory, an Artist in Residence, a sort of guest.
Montague Dawson, had a deal like that, for one good painting per year (A Dawson marine painting now sell for £50 to 100 thousand)

What solution? Ideas please?


You may like to know I am preparing new marine paintings of the “Samuel Plimsoll” loading emigrants at the Cattewater, Plymouth by moonlight.
This will be a large painting.

I have a copy of the Spurling painting of her and am looking for other pictures / plans etc.

I already have most of what I need of the Cattewater (you may recall, it is place very familiar to me), its quay’s and piers, the moorings etc and much info on the old emigrant centre, supplied by Plymouth Naval Reference Library. They in turn wish this painting to be the centre piece of an exhibition of my work in Plymouth.

Other new paintings will include an example of a superyacht, suitable for exhibition display, maybe at Porto Fino at dusk, but which superyacht?
I’m looking for pictures of HM Submarine Unique and her sisters, can you help?

A painting of the great and tragic French marine explorer Laperouse at Botany Bay still needs good photos of Botany Bay, taken from sea ward, and better pictures of the 11 ships of the First Fleet.

Most recently, a friend in New York has been asking about paintings of the new USS New York (bow made from steel recycled from the World Trade Centre), and the coming anniversary of the war of 1812, a big event in the USA.

I wonder what the Canadians will make of this anniversary of the U.S trying to take over their country?
Also for 2012, just maybe the London Olympics; the organising committee are interested in marketing my work with Ben Ainslie and maybe similar new paintings.
If we can be of further assistance, don’t hesitate to e mail  info@nullfrickers.co.uk or phone to ask.

~ ~ ~

My sincere thanks to all of you who take an interest in my art, you furthering the arts and are all helping my career.
My appreciation in particular those who send leads, commissions and pay the ultimate compliment, by saying those magic words  “I’ll buy it”!

Robin Knox- Johnston said to me, “Gordon like my work, you have no choice, it’s not a job it’s a calling”,

Wishing you happiness, good health and prosperity, and hoping we meet again soon,

Gordon Frickers, marine artist, Itzac, august 2009.

We hope this newsletter has been a pleasure for you and you will pass it on, your comments, contributions and plain old keeping in touch will be very welcome.