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H.M.S. Victory, a ship model by Bob Pearce for sale

I received today an email from Mike Ellis.

Possibly  you may be very interested in my reply to Mike?

You have raised such interesting topics, I am copying this email immediately to some friends who may know some one who will purchase, give a home , to this excellent ship model

To help Bob, I will post the gist of this reply on my blog.
In the next few days, I will let others of my friends and some of the good people on my mailing list know of this model and see if we can encourage Bob with a sale.

Congratulations on your owning the Royal Yacht Caroline. I agree the Victory model by Bob Pearce is very tempting.
I think it sounds and looks from the photos you sent, looks like a bargain to me.

Only one mild bit of feed back for Bob, I think the sails are 2 “white” for the period. I suggest staining them with cold tea – seriously it works!

I already own one Victory model but it is mere plastic.
I built it way back in ’95 while commissioned to produce a series of paintings to help raise funds for THE Victory and used it as a perspective model so while only plastic it did at least earn it’s keep!
However that project is an “after dinner” story in it’s self so I won’t go into it right now!

I have entered an article on my blog based on your previous email.

You can find it listed in April 2009. (www.frickers.co.uk/blog)

I’ll give it a week then check to see if the search engines have picked it up.
It is a useful test for my blog so everyone is a winner.

Recently, having sold a print to a lady in the USA,  an item I wrote on the Port of Chester went to Google page 1 within 3 days.
If you send me some fresh info re Bob’s models, I’d be happy to enter it on the blog for him and pass on any comments/enquires.

Re your Trafalgar Night Onboard: I’d be delighted to help in any way I can. Onboard which ship?
How may I help?

I have previously helped the Royal Navel Air Service with a Trafalgar dinner for princess Anne which is how I know Kerry.
Together we put up an exhibition of my work at HMS Seahawk but the real reason we worked together was to secretly prepare a gift for Princess Anne as a thanks from the Royal Navy and in particular the Royal Naval Air Service for the support given by Princess Anne to the Trafalgar Dispatch Event in 2005.

We presented Princess Anne – or should I call her the Princess Royal? –  with a very special framed collectors print on canvas of the painting H.M. Schooner “”, carrying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar – “I have urgent dispatches” and Princess Anne was described as “over the moon” with it. See http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/urgent_dispatches.html

For several years now I’ve been doing some thing similar, helping the New York Yacht Club with their Pickle night by providing prints at cost for a blind auction and items for the after dinner goodies bag.
This year, one of their members has asked if I am interested in painting the new ship USS New York (bow built from re cycled steel from the World Trade Centre) possibly with other USS New York ships (she is the 5 or 6th of this name)  in the back ground and also a painting based on the War of 1812 (described to me as  a good war as both sides thought they won!).
My answer to this enquiry, yes very !

The New York Yacht Club generously send funds raised to the RN Museum Portsmouth and have recently formed an “American Friends of the Royal Naval Museum”.

Kind regards,
Gordon Frickers