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Life drawing plien aire, starring *Emmanuelle Duchesse*

CS_IMG_5987_wp.jpgNaked model or clothed, Emmanuelle Duchesse proved to be a beautiful charming and nubile model for some 11 very talented artists’ life drawing in varied styles near Itzac. 

Claire de Soissons who lives near Itzac created this life drawing occasion, no teaching, rather a congenial chance to get on with the work.  CS_IMG_5988_wp.jpg

This life drawing session was a pilot scheme for future days to network with other artists and people interested in fine art.

For me it was a great chance to practice life drawing.

What I did not appreciate in advance was what a wonderful day our hostess Claire de Soissons would create.  Claire_s_S_IMG_6013_wp.jpg

As a marine artist I included many more people in my marine art than most other marine painter’s.

Unfortunately, most of the figures are only millimeters or centimeters high! My recent action portrait of Ben Anslie being a notable exception http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/ben_ainslie_sydney_olympics.html.

That said I’d love to produce more of that sort of work, the London Olympic Organising Committee 2012 have been talking to me but no decisions yet… maybe with other Olympic athletes and other sailors?

Clare, a talented artist in her own right uses her extensive property partly as a gite.  CS_IMG_6010_wp.jpg
Clare de Soissons has lived near Itzac for some 3 years, speaks fluent French and her genial and cheerful approach to life have made Clare a favourite with many around the Tarn including numerous artists.

On this occasion Clare hosted an “open day” with Ema one of the stars and centre of attention for invited artists.

The excellent facilities included the use of a partly converted barn as a huge studio, a swimming pool, gardens and print making equipment.
Besides the working artists who included Ludivine Pradines  (www.ludivinepradines.com) and Claude Laporte (http://laporte.claude.free.fr whose styles and characters varied hugely, a steady trickle all day of other folk arrived to have look and a chat.

The artists aside the star of is day’s life drawing was undoubtedly Emmanuelle Duchesse.
Ema is a dedicated, experienced, intuitive and creative talented model. She demonstrated how to pose naked with style and class.
Emmanuelle Duchesse worked through series of posses ranging from some quite long sittings to more challenging poses, for example, freezing for a few minutes while she danced.  CS_IMG_6002_wp.jpg

Emmanuelle is a modele vivarte, also a skilled Massage Therapist.
Ema works for professionals who find Ema mostly via her web site www.la-eme.book.fr.

With a grin Ema said she turns down far more offers to model than she accepts…

The day’s toil was followed by an extensive open air supper ensemble, all this and a glorious sunset after a day of beautiful weather for which the S W of France is renowned.  CS_IMG_6011_wp.jpg

Itzac is a very small and remote village. Much more of this fine art activity and for the first time in its long and tranquil history it will be “on the map”!

Like to see the  Modele Vivarte Claire de Soissons sessions become renowned?

Interested in modeling or participating in a future study session?

Be sure to leave your comments and your contact info below.