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What have Jane Banks and Rajula in common?

Jane Banks was the final running mate of Waterwitch.

With a bit of luck I’ll have a command to publish “Jane Banks entering Bermuda” and another Rajula will “surface”.

You can find some of the story of this special schooner Jane banks on page http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/jane_banks_entering.html.

Also on page


In their twilight years Jane Banks and Waterwitch were the last 2 of the long age of  British engineless merchant sailor.

An enquiry came from the great grandson of one of  Jane Banks last skippers.

Would I, could I print one of my Jane Banks paintings?

Yes, and in turn I am hoping we can add more interesting tales  to Jane Banks history.

If we today don’t record these tales they will inevitably be lost.

You may have read on this website, Jane Banks was the last engineless British sailing ship to carry a cargo “foreign”, an historic last voyage?

At the time, all those years ago Jane Banks was lucky to get back to her home port of Fowey, Cornwall but her adventures and the age long age  of merchant sail passed almost unnoticed.

Jane Banks was laid up on Par Beach after old Mr Stephens died.

Thus died with Edward Stephens, the age of British merchant sail.

I lived behind Par beach for 5 of the happiest years of my life and regret very much selling my house there.

The story of Waterwitch on www.frickers.co.uk is surprising, a mini novel, some having been contributed by descendants.

Most of the Waterwitch prints I am honoured to say, have gone to descendants of Waterwitch people some of whom have sent amazing Waterwitch stories and picture, with their permission, now added to the  further reading page.

Will we have as much good luck recording the lives of Jane Banks and Rajula?

With Waterwitch, already in print as “Waterwitch off Gribben Head” (see http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/waterwitch.html) this new edition will make a suitable “pair”, the last 2 british working Sailing ships.

Anyone got a title to suggest for this historic pair?

Rajula was a very different story. In this case linked by events here this week.

Rajula has re surfaced via an enquiry from Australia from a former crew man.

Thus again I am hoping to hear his impressions of  Rajula a ship with character much loved in her day, the days of the British India Steam Navigation Company who’s deck officer apprentices included Britain’s most famous living Yachtsman, Master Mariner Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

The British India Steam Navigation Company was in it’s day a larger company than P & O (Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company).

Former BI people will tell you the company merged with P & O, it was not bought out!