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Very Nice

Arrived in Nice on the cote d’azur, via a brief visit to Antibes.   Antibes_rose_IMG_6055_wp.jpg

To stay at a 2 star hotel in Nice about half way from the beaches and railway station, near the old town.Nice_night_IMG_6104_wp.jpg

I had no idea how enchanting Nice can be!

The drive from Itzac took 7 hours, the slower scenic route via Milleu and the Black Mountains.

Francoise Boitel navigated for me which saved some time, she also sold me on the advantages of a GPS.

Francoise has GPS in her car even though a competent navigator, having rallied in a Porche in her past which also included running the best restaurant in La Baulle.  Francoise_at_Antibes_IMG_6059_wp.jpg

If I thought the weather good inthe Tarn I admit it was better at Nice, a warm 27 C most evenings.

This was not a “jolly”.

We were there to attend the Monaco Yacht Show 2009 at the legendary Monte Carlo in Port Hercule.

The Monaco Yacht Show is considered by many to be “THE” place for the superyacht industry to meet.

Probably the only people who would argue with that are the organisers of the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Show!

I became involved with this industry in 2007 via the UKTI which in turn lead to an invitation to join the British Marine Federation and Superyacht UK. Last year I had a series of superyacht commissions. All were confidential so I have nothing to show…

I’d been preparing for this for weeks, you could say months as my June visit to the cote d’azur was by way of a reconnaissance to look at the Superyacht industry.

This time preparations included a new brochure (email me if you would like a copy).

I am keenly aware of PPPPPP, from my earliest days in Photography and more recently passing on  the lessons  while coaching the national and regional squads of Optimists and Lasers.

The Monaco Yacht Show opened today which was also the earliest my printer could get the new brochures to me so we left Itzac literally 10 minutes after the post arrived!

Tomorrow will be my first day at the show, I face this with quite confidence and some nervousness!

My best “cards” seem to be besides my excellent track record, the offer of an exhibition next year at the European Parliament (great place for a builder / designer / yacht broker to have their work shown via one of my paintings) and my new brochure.

I could do with at least 2 exhibition pieces, ideally commissioned but if necessary painted on spec and maybe better for that as I can choose to set the scene.

I have in mind a big motor yacht at dusk at some where like Porto Fino and an action study of a big sailing yacht.

I am open to suggestions, do you have any?

All that said,  “old” Nice in general was a lot of fun and good news. Very_Nice_IMG_6141_wp.jpg

Nice sounded and smelt wonderful which unfortunately I can’t demonstrate here.  very_Nice_IMG_6134_wp.jpg

Larger photos can be availble though, so you can really enjoy these amazing places.

With a little care,the restaurants are not expensive.   Very_Nice_IMG_6138_wp.jpg

We ate well with good wine for under 50 Euros per night.   Very_Nice_IMG_6135_wp.jpg