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Trafalgar Day – Pickle, advertising agencies, TV, and a marine magazine

I can barely keep, up with it!
This is one of those days which reminds me of the debt we owe those who went before us to build our world.
The marine painting “Trafalgar Dawn” still haunts me (available in prints see http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/trafalgar_dawn.html).

I am planning a new piece of marine art, the opposite view.

Today was very 21st century though.

I have had today 3 enquiries about my marine painting which may be of interest and found myself yet again busy with Trafalgar and Admiral Nelson issues.  Pickle__detail_of_signal_2214__Popham__s_code_e.jpg

In particular “I have urgent dispatches“, my marine painting about communication, news and the battle of Trafalgar, of HM Schooner Pickle has attracted more attention (available in print from page http://www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html).  This Pickle painting was produced after a vast amount of research while I was working on a project for HMS Victory. My interest in Pickle continues to this day and I plan to meet one of the decendants of her Trafalgar Commander in about 2 weeks time.

Maybe we will meet on Pickle Night, the 4th of November? You don’t know about Pickle Night?

A detail of HMS Pickle is shown above.

A memorable day and some fun here today but only partly thanks to HMS Pickle.

Most days pass quietly enough, this 21st of October has not been one of them.

By co incidence I met recently in of all places (medieval) Castelnau de Montmiral a New York based art director, owner of a chain of very successful advertising agencies, who saw via a friend, my new brochure (you can have a coy free from my home page).

He asked to see some originals (so we had dinner at my cottage at Itzac) and would now like to see my work shown in New York.

I was very intrigued by his suggestion to show my extraordinary French landscape art works in New York.
Who knows, maybe we can tie it in with Pickle Night next year at the New York Yacht Club?
I’d love to visit New York city.
How to pay for this though???

Unlike my marine art, with the French landscape art, I turn off my “learned” colour vision and paint the colours I uniquely see with my natural very odd colour vision.

I’d be up for that expo, could be a lot of fun.

I’d be more than interested to know if it is really possible, is it?

To date the main things stopping me have been funding and knowing the right places and people.

Today an email bought an enquiry for a  possible yacht portrait of a modern racing yacht which is making quite a reputation, a  Class 40, “Cutlass“, owned by a member of the NYYC,  Alex Mehran Jr who wrote generously about my work.

I love painting modern subjects so hope this enquiry turns into a great painting.

Another surprise this Trafalgar Day came from the team producing a new series for BBC TV who specialize in making High End Factual documentaries, in this case ‘The Boats that Built Britain’, voice overs by Tom Cunliffe, to be shown in the Spring of 2010.
Apparently I have become a leading expert on HM Schooner Pickle and they wish to interview me as part of a program; could be fun.
Doubt I’ll be paid, could be good PR though.

As if that was not enough for one day, I had a call  from the editor of Sea Breezes.

He would like an article on my super yacht experiences this year on the cote d’azur based around the Monaco Yacht Show 2009 and my June tour de cote d’azur but looking forward into 2010…

Wishing you all a memorable Trafalgar Day and many more to follow.