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A worthwhile AGM

At the Royal Western Yacht Club, an event that was one of the main reasons I am in Plymouth this week.

Today firmly wearing my marine artist’s hat and bright red sea jacket I attended the British Marine Federation South West AGM and if that sounds dull I can assure you it was not!

For a start the venue is delightful, a modern building with fine views of Plymouth Sound,  an old distinguished club, much associated with trans Atlantic racing, the Royal Western Yacht Club  has seem more famous names than most pass it’s portals, “Blondie” Hasler, Francis Chichester, Eric Taberly, Robin Knox-Johnston, Tony Bullermore to mention but a very few.

The AGM lasted a couple of hours and gave the British Marine Federation a chance to keep in touch one of its largest with it’s regional memberships and happily because they listen, vice versa.

We were given several power point shows, marine environmental issues in particular Marine Life and Sea Users,  an illustrated talk by Dr Keith Hiscock of the Marine Biological Association, Plymouth.

Dr. Hiscock showed many surprising pictures of life under water around the South West coast, discussed the very latest discoveries and trends,  and topics including EU Habitat Directives, our duty of care, recreational use, threats and protection of the environment.

Altogether a very absorbing talk full of surprises for any marine person.

Dr. Hiscock recommended the web sites :



Harvey James of the British Marine Federation then spoke on business marketing and promotional opportunities etc,  with question and answer time after.

The concern shown by the British Marine Federation memberships problems and challenges was very encouraging, the attitude being refreshingly forward thinking, innovative and creative.

This included introducing Adam Corney,

Adam D Corney the new SW Regional Manager http://www.britishmarine.co.uk/
07803 831038

Adam is well qualified for his task of supporting and promoting S W marine businesses.

Adam Corney has a large and fascinating region to cover with a host of widely different businesses to encourage and aide.

This was a very pleasant way to network including an excellent lunch after.

In particular for me, this was an opportunity to bring the members up to speed on my work marine painting and make very clear my involvement and commitment to all things British Marine and Plymouth in particular.

My new brochures proved their value again and I look forward to following up what may well turn into new business and new friendships.