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"The Flying Scotsman" a marine painting???

The Flying Scotsman with Pulman coaches, Saltash village and Saltash passage, The Royal Albert Bridge (that is the Tamar bridge built by I.K. Brunel).  Flying_Scotsman_IMG_5712_b_wp.jpg

I am supposed to be a marine painter so what on earth the above about?

Idunoh; maybe writing this and with your suggestions we can figure it out?

Today I have again been working with Alan Tooze, master printer, Adaptgraphics, on a new print, “The Flying Scotsman”; no not the Flying Dutchman.

Yes I do mean the world famous big green railway engine.

I produced this painting earlier this year after considerable research including several location visits to the site of the Royal Albert Bridge and in particular with the help of Jerry Sibley and a new friend Gareth Mawdsley, who works on the SW railways and helped with the photography and research.

The painting began life because I wished to repay a new friend, Jerry Sibley.

Jerry came to my aid when I sold 94 Radford park Road and was faced with 22 + years of collected treasures and no where to store them if I was to be out on time to keep the inclined at times to be “mr. angry” purchaser, mr. happy.

In turn I asked Jerry if there was anything I could do for him?

He said well a little picture of the Flying Scotsman…  Flying_Scotsman_detail_IMG_5713_d.jpg

Such a good idea appealed to the little boy in me who watched steam trains at Bromley South with his Dad and at Victoria with his Mum…  it became quite a big picture.

Having seen the original, Jerry wrote:

“Its fabulous, what a smashing painting.  Thank you so much it really is
such a treasure.

I hope you enjoyed the change in content and painting it as much as i shall
enjoy looking at it.

What can i say “you have done me proud”, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder where this will take you next??? who knows i guess but i feel
there has to be some reason in this crazy universe for us to meet and you
to paint this, things normally happen for a reason and there are certainly
many stream train buffs out there…??

Best wishes and a bright future.

Thus I found myself back with Adaptgraphics where Alan Tooze has patiently done a very fine job with the subtle soft colours of this most unusual “marine painting”.

This is only the second time I have painted a train, the other being “Lady of the Lake“, London to Holyhead boat train.

You can see and read about Lady of the Lake in the marine /  ports section of this site  as a detail in “The port of Chester 1863” (a few copies still available) so to keep the price of copies low this time we are not printing on canvas except to special order, rather on 250 gms acid free conservation quality water colour paper ~ and the picture looks fabulous!

You can order your copy securely online from page


So, where should this picture go on the web site?

This railway painting shows the salt water village of Saltash on the river Tamar where once long ago sea going ships sailed and were built and Saltash passage where the ferry for Deven landed before the bridges were built

Under ports maybe?