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The boats that built Britain

I have been asked today to be on HMS Victory on the 4 th Dec for an interview to go onto a BBC Channel 4 documentary next spring.

To speak about HMS Pickle,  the Battle of Trafalgar and my marine art painting “I have urgent dispatches“.

I am honoured.

It amazes me that the story of HMS Pickle lives on.

When I painted HMS Pickle I was aware she was a vessel modern sailors could relate to.

I am delighted that the hard work I and so many of you have contributed to our “further reading” pages is in this small way recognised by people who “do things” as opposed by academics and societies who so often adopt a rather superior attitude to the work of people like us ~ until we are dead and no threat to their egos…

On the grim subject of which I was shocked and dismayed yesterday to hear a very great mate of my miss spent youth, Gordon Carruthers, died last week of a heart attack. My deepest sympathy sincere  goes to his twin brother Graham… Gordon Carruthers was a larger than life character as is Graham and both were fine dinghy sailors when I knew them best.

When I first started to sail an old 4.5 (15 ‘) Albacore dinghy 1123 “Chance” at Bexhill SC I used to hitch hike to the coast, sleep in her and breakfast at the cafe beside the club until his family insisted in adopting me and even came to refer to a room in their house as “Gordon (2’s) room”.
When others offered to put me up they became mildly possessive, kindness I have rarely encountered.
I had hoped one day Graham, Gordon and I would enjoy a reunion and reminisce over a few beers.
If I could choose my family all the Carruthers would be included.
I wish I could attend the funeral.

Returning to “The Boats that built Britain” to be narrated by the renowned journalist, sailor and author Tom Cunliffe, the series is scheduled to broadcast in Britain on BBC C4 next Spring as part of a celebration of the sea.

The film company are also interested in my Father’s account of his landing in Normandy on D Day + 4.

An unpublished account, including his hair raising and at times funny account, the perspective of a junior officer, of  trying to get ashore in an LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) with his men.

You can see and read about “I have urgent dispatches” and the amazing career of HMS Pickle on page http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/urgent_dispatches.html and the linked pages via further reading.

I have urgent dispatches” is available as a signed limited Prestige edition and can be securely purchased from my web site.