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Snow and more snow

And the best way to move around the Tarn at present remains a 4 x 4 or …

I never thought I’d wish for an energy guzzling 4 x 4Quad_solution_IMG_6610_wp.jpg but faced with having to drive tomorrow…We had more snow last night.

Thus I spent the day sorting out my marine paintings, success, I now know, for the first time in years exactly what I have in reserve here and it is all stowed and labeled ready for exhibition.

During the process, excitement!

I discovered a forgotten painting of the famous Brigantine Waterwitch http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/waterwitch.html.

The painting dated 1991 had survived the move from Plymouth and 18 months in a barn in Normandy.

This Waterwitch painting is similar to one on my web site.

The bad news is this Waterwitch painting will need some restoration.

I’ll get a photo of it onto this blog ASAP.


We had a stunning yellow sunrise today and thick fog by 11.00, now what is that all about?

Happily the fog cleared and in the weak sunshine temperatures rose to + 8 C

Roads have begun to thaw.  Itzac_Alpine_IMG_6615_d.jpg

However we have a crystal clear starry, shinie  night under the new moon so it is going to be b*****y cold tonight…


As a friend wants help tomorrow at Castelnau de Montmiral and I have letters to post, Chrisie cards  etc,  so brill idea,  I thought I’d try and move my car.

Tomorrow morning Itzac hill is likely to be a toboggan run having partly thawed then re frozen; entertaining to watch not so much fun in your own “how good is my insurance” car?

We had a car off into a field yesterday, solution ~  six villagers to lift it back onto the road!

To much excitement.

Having removed 3″ of snow from the windows, the old Vectra to my relief,  fired up immediately.

Getting up the (quite steep) drive was not quite so easy.

I/we took a run at it.

The first 25′ feet went well; then lots of  wheel spin, snow / gravel flying, high revs, keep her moving,  almost lost it, steer gently into the slides, most of the way, up, up.

My car is now parked at the bottom of Itzac hill ready for the morrow’s adventures. Itzac Noel IMG_6665 d_1.jpg