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Super yachts and Admiral Nelson

Busy in the studio today.

I have some ideas to sketch re the possible marine commission I mentioned yesterday, but first, Admiral Nelson and super yachts.  Superyacht_sketches_IMG_6681_wp.jpg

I have several marine paintings in advance planning at present and several being sketched out including this one intended to be of a big superyacht (motor), with other yachts at dusk in Porto Fino but which yachts?

Want to nominate suitable superyachts?

I have in mind the famous Maltese Falcon for the big 3 master.

I briefly saw Maltese Falcon in Antibes, literally in, not sailing, but…

Several journalists at the Monaco Yacht Show including Alan Warren and Colin Squire suggested I should paint Maltese Falcon as one of my collection for the European Parliament Exhibition in 2010.

I intend to show Maltese Falcon in the back ground partly because while at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Paris (blog entry 10th Dec 09, I had the good fortune to meet Julie Clark of Savage Marine Ltd.

Julie’s company “did the lighting” for the superyacht Maltese Falcon and has kindly offered to lend me the book produced when the Maltese Falcon was built (www.savagelighting.com).

Julie has also, recognising a good PR opportunity when she hears of one,  offered to light my forthcoming exhibition at the European Parliament next year.

I have not yet settled on which motor yacht for the for ground, which yacht?

I have all I need on the 3250 ton Sarafsa.

She is the right size and new last year from Devonport Royal Dockyard (Babcock Marine), I painted her leaving Plymouth for DRD but…

She is owned by a super seriously rich Arab prince, an unapproachable person so no fun as far as I am concerned.

I’d like to choose a big vessel, 5 decks, used for charter,  and show her fully lit, with the water toys coming home at dusk for an evening’s relaxation.

Any nominations?


Nelson? I drew a sketch years ago while thinking of the voyage of Laperouse.

A friend recently saw the sketch and suggested it could become Nelson at Gibralter moving from HMS Captain to the frigate HMS Minerve to undertake a “delicate mission”.

So…  Gib_sketch_IMG_6678_wp.jpg