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Wishing a Merry Christmas

This is to wish you a sincere Merry Christmas and to copy my latest newsletter for those unable to receive the News Letter from me, Itzac_eglise_IMG_6583_wp.jpg

Some of you will not have received my email Christmas card and new Christmas News letter, copy below.

Reasons for this include bounced and blocked emails (more on that below).

The Internet can be bizarre, I’d had a reply from Robin Knox-Johnston, star of my “Roaring Forties” painting, then got an, INVALID RECIPIENT message re the address!

The snow here has departed but as last week’s photos look so “Christmasie” here are 2 more.

I hope you approve this slight cheating and enjoy them!  Itzac Noel IMG_6665 d_1.jpg

Today we have a grey damp day with 14 C, feels like a heat wave after last week.  Itzac_Noel_IMG_6614_d.jpg


Reasons emails failed include: 550 INVALID RECIPIENT.

This auto reply added “You may resend the message placing the code: A45-207 somewhere in the subject to bypass the anti-spam checks” – very nice of them…

How am I supposed to remember that in future?

I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients” not as sorry as I am, I value my friends!

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. so, your point is?

Delivery to the following recipients failed” anyone think email is infallible???

My favourite, and I use the word favour in it’s loosest possible terms, is “This account is protected by Bluebottle.  Please click on the following link to have your address added to the recipient’s allowed list and to ensure delivery of your email“.

Despite following the instructions most carefully I am yet to have a reply from an account protected by this enthusiastic system…

I presume it appropriately was named after one of the stars of the BBC Goon Show?

Would you like to guess what I think of it?

I almost liked: “Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists: The recipient’s e-mail address was not found in the recipient’s e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator“.

It at least included in it’s title “Undeliverable: all the best for the festive season“.

Then I realised that was the title I’d used…

Ahh well, ce la vie, email 2009, fallible but still very useful.


As promised above, a copy of the newsletter for you, enjoy.

An artist’s news letter

Your news is always welcome, here is a little of my news…

That was the year that was…

Better news
is prospects for 2010 and 11/12 look much improved, with copy of my ecard on your right.  Itzav_Noel_IMG_6669_d.jpg

If any of the following is useful in one of your news letters, personal or business, feel, free to reproduce it or if needed, ask me for further info.

Probably the single biggest news of my year is via a client/friend I have the good fortune to be invited to exhibit at the European Parliament, Brussels next year.

Julie Clark of Savage Marine Ltd, they normally design high quality Marine architectural lighting for super yachts, has kindly offered to help with the lighting. (www.savagelighting.com)

Anyone know about grants, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), an investor or other?

Flavour of the month?
Other significant people and places now begin to ask to show my art work

I have been asked by the editor of Sea Breezes to write 1000 words on superyachts, with photos.
To be based around my experiences on the cote d’azur in June and at Monte Carlo with the emphasis on looking at 2010.
I have written for Sea Breezes before, this time will be the most fun and good for net working.

New paintings
I have started a file round the Alert cutter and Lexington brig engagement, for my good friend Peter Goodwin.

Peter is the author of 12 fine books on historic ships and curator of HMS Victory.

The attached photo right, “Christmas Victory” was taken while visiting Peter after being filmed in Nelson’s day cabin for the BBC doc due out in the spring, “The boats that made Britain“.  Christmas_Victory_IMG_6486_d.jpg


Additionally I am currently working on marine paintings described on my latest blog entries including Plymouth by moonlight, the Samuel Plimsoll, Porto Fino at dusk with super yachts, Laperouse at Botany Bay, the loss of the Spanish frigate Mercedes, a new Trafalgar Dawn, mermaids and HMS Unique.

New in print

During this year my team and I, Alan Tooze with Adaptgraphics and my web master have added 3 new marine prints to the range.
2 in the Prestige style,
HMS Formidable, 1942, Seafires returning” and
Jane Banks entering Bermuda
and one (not really a marine print) to our Limited editions,
The Flying Scotsman on the Tamar Bridge”.
The latter 2 are so new we have not yet had time to post them so ask me for details.

The schooner Jane Banks you may recall was the final running mate of the famous last British square rigger Waterwitch?
Now the pair are in print maybe they can be re united as a pair on your wall?
Plus, they sit very well with “A dispute settled”, which shows 2 other famous Cornish schooners, Katie Cluett and Rhoda Mary.

A New brochure, yacht orientated, created as part of the preparation to attend The Monaco Yacht Show 2009 at Monte Carlo, is considered by some a collector’s item so can we count that as a success?
Free copy on web site home page soon or better still, ask for an original in the post.

I hope you enjoy the brochure.


I retain a base in Plymouth thanks mostly to my very good friend and excellent fellow painter David Folley.
Partly because of the excellent light I am spending more time in Itzac, a tiny hill top village in the Northern Tarn, Midi Pyrenees, about half way between the Med and the Atlantic.
You’d be very welcome at Itzac but may need directions for the last few kilometres!


All my contact details are always shown on my web site page contact us –



On the subject of staying in touch, if we don’t already have a linkin link, it might help you professionally or people you know to have a link?
Plus, Linkin recommendations are very helpful to all concerned. http://www.linkedin.com/home

Now and then, a bit about the year gone and a bit of the future predicted.
I won’t write much here as my blog (www.frickers.co.uk/blog) now covers most of the news as it happens or more truly, soon after.


2009 was predictably a difficult year for most of us, few artists being excepted from that!
I used the year to re position myself in the marine art world and further develop my web site.
To those ends, the UK Trades Investment scheme people have been very helpful again as have the British Marine Federation.
Of the latter I am delighted to be the only artist invited to be member.

During 2009 among other designs to promote my art work, time was employed in Plymouth, visiting some of the coasts of France, Bassin de Arcachon, toured the fabulous Cote d’azur where I was based in Antibes, attended the Monaco Yacht Show.
I have been filmed with Tom Cunliffe on HMS Victory as part of a programme on the ship that carried the news of Trafalgar (“The boats that made Britain” due to be shown on the BBC next spring), by a Television Production Company called Form Films who specialize in making High End Factual documentaries.
I attended the BMF showcase at the British Ambassador’s Residence Paris, and researched in such diverse places as H.M. Hydrographic Office Taunton and the Musee Marine Paris.
These and more stories with photos are on my blog.


Looking further into 2010 and beyond
I am now focused primarily on the invitation to exhibit at the European Parliament, Brussels next year, date to be set but probably May ~ let me know if you’d like an invitation?

It is rare for a British artist to be invited to show at the European Parliament.
As far as I know I am the first marine artist to be invited, the first who works in England and France, the first from Midi Pyrenees, the first from Devon, the first from the Tarn and certainly the first from little Itzac.

Beside the marine paintings, I will show some of my experimental landscapes and a few other surprises including the Flying Scotsman and a cockpit view from a Boeing 727.

There are also some possibilities in New York and the French wine industry.

Will I need 2011 to recover and prepare for 2012?

With luck and a following wind 2012 will be busy too, the London Olympic people are interested in my painting, there is the war of 1812 ~ USA v Britain described by one of my American friends as a good war because both sides thought they won, the Titanic anniversary, another Vendee Globe etc.

All these new paintings are adventures, they are awaiting purchase and new homes, who will we meet through them?


Great paintings take time. There are only so many paintings I can produce per year and I won’t live for ever so I hope this encourages people to declare their interest, I need the encouragement and work.
I am also very conscious none of this would have been possible with out the support, encouragement and friendships of people like yourself.

I wish you and those you treasure all the festive best and a healthy, prosperous and happy 2010, thank you.

Gordon Frickers.