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Waterwitch ~ WOW

Waterwitch_2_IMG_6736_wp.jpgA surprising day today.

Pre_Dawn_15.01.10_IMG_6751_d.jpgTo begin with there was a startling pre sunrise sky then a lost marine painting rediscovered!

It is not often one discovers one of one’s own lost marine paintings.

I have just re found this forgotten and neglected painting of the famous barquentine “Waterwitch“.

Why the excitement?

In a modest way our Waterwitch became famous.

An exciting surprise!

We found the marine painting illustrated on the clickable image above.

Waterwitch‘s  history reads like a good short sea novel and much of it is on my page http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/waterwitch.html and the further reading link.

Waterwitch, you may recall, was the last British square rigger to work without an engine so with her the long age of British merchant, stretching way back beyond adventurers like Drake and Frobisher   finally ended.

Waterwitch‘s entertaining story includes coals from Newcastle, U boat attacks and friends of Thomas the Tank engine, read on, enjoy!

Waterwitch was also the running mate of that other survivour of the age of merchant sail, the Fowey Schooner also owned by Edward Stephens, “Jane Banks” (also now in print and available exclusively from this web site).

Much of Jane Banks history is also on this web site.


It has also been my great privilege via that picture to correspond with many of the decendants of Waterwitch people. some of whom generously added details to the story of Waterwitch for us all to share and enjoy.

The very similar painting, “Waterwitch off Gribbon Head” is on the print best seller list, the original long since sold to a millionaire in Plymouth.


While checking and cataloguing the paintings here with a the help of a friend of mine we discovered the work had survived 20 years in my basement at Plymstock and the transfer to France so we had a surprise.

This marine painting, clearly dated 1991 must have been painted at about the same time as the “Waterwitch off Gribben Head” as it is more or less a reversed image.

You can compare by going to see “Waterwitch off Gribbon Head” on page http://www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html

Clearly at the time I was experimenting with perspectives and decided to forget this version of Waterwitch.


There is good news and bad news, which do you want first?

The painting is damaged so needs restoration…

I can restore this picture but it will be a few weeks before it is available, provided I don’t dilly dally…

In any event, I will try to have this painting available for my next exhibition unless some one with a nose for a bargain makes an offer I can’t refuse.


I hope you are entertained and informed by the “further reading” much unique to this web site and take the opportunity while you think of it, to order your copies of Waterwitch and Jane Banks from Page