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Super yachts, painting progress

The new marine painting of superyachts at dusk is progressing steadily as you can see here. superyachts_29.02.10_IMG_6927_d.jpg

Still not settled is which yachts to include, open to suggestions, do you have any in mind?

For the sailing yacht in the background Maltese Falcon is being considered but I don’t have any decent reference pictures for her.

The motor yacht is currently based on the 5 deck 3250 tons Sarafsa which I know well having previously painted her for her builders, Devonport Royal Dockyard, Plymouth.

She was shown departing Plymouth, early morning, with Plymouth Hoe for a back ground.

I’d like to show a super yacht of similar size but rather one which is chartered because more people would be interested in her and it might help the charterers, a friendly thing to do and demonstrating a value in the painting.

That said, the primary reason for the painting is as an exhibition piece.

I have several tentative offers of significant exhibitions and of course there is the invitation to exhibit at the European Parliament, now postponed until next year as they could not offer the dates my patron (an MEP) wished for.