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"Racing Yachts" and the Yachting World prize


A warmer day today (still F cold this eve). Excellent light today for painting.
Alone in the studio, I was able to spread out a bit and enjoy the calm, concentrate.
I am more productive given a tranquil studio. I recently worked out I could manage with a minimum of 75 sq m space to live and work, of course it would have some conditions attached, like good light, calm atmosphere and ADSL/Broadband…
The new marine painting “Racing Yachts” featuring Swan Nautor type yachts is almost complete. Yacht_racing__Swans__det_1_IMG_6969_wp.jpg
Based on my experiences producing the Yachting World Prize for previous Swan European Regattas the new painting will be offered for a modest £1,000.00Yacht_racing__Swans__IMG_6967_wp.jpg
I had the dubious honour to be chosen as the Yachting World Prize Artist 4 or was it 5 times?
That does not mean I won a prize: rather I produced one.

The brief was to produce a painting of the days race for presentation that evening and produce a second larger oil painting for presentation at the annual London International Boat Show.
Fulfilling the brief took some organising on my part but all went well every time.
One of the many things that put spice into the task was as you may appreciate was the race is run on handicap.
This meant the result was not known (subject to any porotests) until at least 16.30 and prize giving was at 18.30.

The secret of my success was as in so many lines of work, good preparation.
More, I am not willing to write here… except the ability is my skills, experience, talents, help by organising willing and decent people who appreciate what I am producing, fine marine art ~  and a dash of luck.
Yachting World on 2 or 3 other occasions used other artists.
None of them were willing to undertake the challenge a second time.
Me? I revel in that sort of challenge!
The Gordon Frickers Yachting World prize caused quite a stire and was much admired by the competitors.U129933A_Alvine_XII.JPG
An example of one of the series is shown here and on web page you can read more and finds links to the other marine paintings in the Swan European regatta series painted for yachting World.


One recipient was kind enough to say (and allow me to quote him) I have won a few prizes in my racing career but I can assure you this will be one I treasure most“, M.J. Leadbetter.

More about Mike Leadbetter’s marine painting on page ~ http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/k_6888.html

Anyone know the name of Mike Ledbetter’s yacht, I have mislaid my record of her?

I had some very nice compliments from competitors including the offer of a gold Rolex watch in exchange for a painting and several commissions from yacht owners and their wives.
The story got into The Times (of London) and the Western Morning News which pleased my old Mum.

You could commission an exciting new painting, starting is simple, just use this web site to contact Gordon Frickers

(UK) 01865 522435 (International: +44 1865 522435)

(gordonatfrickers.co.uk), payments are painless being made in stages and totaly secure.

I made good progress today on the Gibraltar and the small Cattewater marine paintings, both are historical port scenes.

The Gibraltar painting now has most of Minerve‘s crew painted Horatio Nelson is now recognisable (just!) and the beginnings of the back ground details.

The Cattewater, Plymouth (small version) today had the final paint applied to the sky and further work completed on the sea hills and buildings.

Further work was also carried out on the hull of the large sailing ship lying off Phoenix Wharf, the ship will become the famous clipper “Samuel Plimsoll”  which in turn was named for and launched by the very remarkable Mr. Samuel Plimsoll.

Both these new marine paintings, shown in earlier blogs this year will re appear ion this blog soon in almost finished mode.

It will be interesting to see if the follow Talthybius and sell in less than a month, see blog entries 07.02.10 and 03.03.10 ~ anyone taking bets?

On the subject of which here is in the best Blue Peter tradition, one I made earlier, a pic of a Swan painting I finished last year and which I intend to sell Swans_off_St_Katherine__s_Point_IMG_5138_d.jpg~

Make me an offer I can’t refuse and it is yours?

You can pay for any unsold picture on the web site securely online using PayPal on page