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Antibes Yacht Show, opening the Cote d'Azur 2010 nautical season

Super yachts ~ In my previous blog I gave you a youtube video link to the Antibes Yacht Show, April 8th, 2010 http://www.antibesyachtshow.com/intro.asp?lang=EN

Just got back from the Antibes Yacht Show, tired and hungry, after 7 hours on the road, here begins my report.

My objectives were to look for subjects and possible commands for marine painting, assemble information for possible articles and meet interesting people maybe making new friends.

Here is my first impression, the evening I arrived.Antibes_YS_2_IMG_7166_d.jpg

The Antibes Yacht Show is not as world famous the Monaco Yacht Show I attended last September (it’s in the blog, September).

Rather, it has a special ambiance, a very lovely setting, a marvelous old town hard by, fewer visitors and fewer exhibitors (over 200) so is a calmer place to do business with more time for discussion  or simply to enjoy the fabulous yachts, facinating equipment and services on show, ranging from sailing yachts to discovery yachts to simply the ultimate in luxury afloat,  the largest being some 4,500 tons of  glistening perfection, Carinthia VII — ->Antibes_YS_2_I_IMG_7134_d.jpg

The services include wine and food specialists, even a party specialist – yes keeping a multi million pound yacht spotless while a great party is in progress is a speciality; ably handled or you don’t work again in the superyacht  industry!

This was the 4th Antibes Yacht Show, the first big event on the nautical Cote d’Azur year 2010.

This Antibes Yacht Show hosted over 200 boats and exhibitors.

By investing 5 days in this event plus expenses, I had too many adventures to recount all.

I’ll try to give you a taster with a few words and pictures here, in the next blog, of the sun, yachts, super yachts, super people and some glamorous tales to go with the glamorous pictures.

Attending these shows unsupported by a companion is hard exhausting work.

Good fun to, more than once I found  I was telling myself, “it doesn’t get better than this“.

I was driving by myself unless you include the not very heavy but very International traffic on the auto routes from Toulouse to Antibes and returning the same way?

It’s quite a long haul but a very pleasant drive from Itzac to Toulouse, then down into the heart of the S W wine country passing through areas I think offer the best value wine in the worlds today, Corbiers, Minivois, the Languedoc’s, and a line of historic cities, Carcassonne, Narbonne, Sete, Marseille, Aux – en – Provence, Toulon, St Tropez, Cannes to name but a few… passing the huge Camargue marsh lands, travelling from in sight of the snow cloaked Pyrenees to within sight of the Alps, also wearing their snow capes.

Summer was waiting at Antibes on the Cote d’Azur.

Is this where summer goes for the winter?

It felt like a perfect English summer, not to hot and warm in the evenings.

How would that be for a relief after our hard Northern winter?

Everyone seems to say the Cote d’Azur is very expensive.

On the Internet I found a hotel about 8 minutes drive over cap Antibes to the old town of Antibes, La Residence at Juan Les Pins. (www.hotellaresidence.com) ~ AYS_IMG_7072_d.jpg

The sea front,Juan les Pins —>

The Golfe Juan is mid way between Antibes and Cannes, good sandy beaches, lots of facilities and close by Cap Antibes which offers splendid views from the lighthouse, several fine coves and has a Museum Marine et Napoleon which to my distress was closed is Sundays.

My hotel cost 48 Euro’s per night including en suite room, breakfast and 3 minutes walk for the beach and old town centre.

Was I ripped off?

It was clean, comfortable and all the staff helpful and friendly so you tell me?


As part of my preparation I took with me notes made after  the Monaco Super Yacht Show 2009 and I tried the responses to typical questions which I’d discussed last November with a few interested and trusted friends.

The tactics, coupled with my new and very high quality brochure worked (I thought surprisingly well) making conversations easier for both parties and more focused.

Now I wish I’d found the RAC list of classic sales closes I used to use back in the 80’s!
Now, what are the 10 classic closes? They often help people make up their minds.

I don’t think I have a single picture which sums up this splendid and charming Yacht Show.

Unless, ironically it is the one I did not take, the one of me basking in the sun while sitting on Les Remparts (yes it is spelt Remparts) of old Antibes, over looking the Yacht Show and looking far to pleased with life?AYS_3_gf_IMG_7189_d.jpg ——>

Antibes Y S was excellent.

Antibes,  Iwas asked by a magazine for a profile article, always mutually beneficial, I met very dynamic  interesting  people and  ‘might’ even have several projects as a result.

In the next blog I hope to tell and show you a little about the Antibes Yacht Show and some of its people.