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At the 4th Antibes Yacht (and Super Yacht) Show

AYS_3_IMG_7184_d.jpgI could easily write an entire article on the new developments I found on this vibrant coast where the atmosphere is “anything is possible” and “make your dreams come true here, we will help you”.

The 4th Antibes Yacht Show got the Cote d’Azur summer season under way, the marine painting season plein aire too.Antibes_YS_2_IMG_7121_d.jpg
While brokers were off loading or chartering their state of the art, luxury vessels I was looking for innovation and invention.

Port Vauban is famous for many things not least “The Billionaire’s Quay” has become to Antibes what the Croisette is to Film Festival Cannes.

This year, highlights included the ship sized and not open to the public Carinthia VII.Antibes_YS_2_IMG_7139_d.jpg

The magnificent  a replica schooner, the 55m 1911, HG Herreshoff designed Racing Schooner, ‘Elena‘.
A yacht with a pedigree.
The original schooner Elena won the 1928 Trans-Atlantic race thus satisfactorily and spectacularly fulfilling her design brief of “build me a schooner that can win”.
This state of the art 2010 version is built to the original plans for a cool 9 million Euros.Antibes_YS_1_IMG_7096_Elisa_d.jpg
Apart from the schooner Elena there were over 170 yachts on show plus numerous models of concept designs.

I will probably create a marine painting one of the latter offered by Benetti as an exhibition piece, an example for my web site of a “Discovery and Explorer”  type of yacht in a remote environment.
Most of the yachts are in the 20 and 40 metres range although this year sees a few more super yachts.


You can see my Yacht and super yacht marine painting on page

You can enquire about commissioning marine art work by phone or from page

You can collect beautiful, rare, quality prints online via page



These include the dazzling 41m M.Y. Blind Date which I understand is among those for sale…Antibes_YS_1_IMG_7087_d.jpg
Focusing on innovation and invention is not as simple as all the exhibits are excellent.
However some do bull sh 1 t claiming “new” when in fact we are shown re workings of old but popular formulae.
Nothing wrong with that, proven concepts but guys, please guys re work your USP!

If you don’t know how to do that contact ME!

The first boat that did stop me in my tracks was very near the entrance of the Antibes Yacht Show, not large and grey with a rather stealthy MTB/E Boat look.
I had found the Van Dutch – Marine France new concept.Antibes_YS_1_IMG_7079_d.jpg
A boat with a 40 knot hull which while built for pleasure would easily make an excellent fast harbour launch, her hull looks able to cope very well with short choppy seas. (www.vandutch.fr).
I found Louis Sargnac very amiable and learnt among other things about this concept boat including half a dozen of these boats in various colours will be demonstrated and up for play in August off Cannes, could be fun!

Even faster at up to 90 knots (did I get that right?) and claiming a hull so refined is creates almost not waves are the racing boats from SeaFalcon, you can see these startling futuristic designs soon but not yet  at www.vr1.io or speak with Karl Weissenbaeck if you can track him down!


Soon after and not so much fun I found myself talking with Thierry Balsa, responsible for pollution control in the port.

Despite all his efforts and an excellent set of guide lines he lacks the power to enforce the controls and says he often has to watch as unscrupulous Captains have crap dropped into the harbour.
He said a common dodge is for a captain the send a maintenance quote to an owner as an invoice then employ cheap labour and guess what that means for the waste products?
Later I found very good news for Thierry.


For starters, legislation is coming to further discourage those who flout common sense and as guidance for the wise.
The industry is increasingly adopting organizations like the Nautilus International (www.nauilusint.org) and the Professional Yachtsman’s Association (www.pya.org)
Moving onto a new surface, literally in this case, Flexiteek, Scandinavian Yacht International are offering a convincing artificial teak laid deck, doesn’t fade and is cheaper than the real thing, also free of any natural blemish, an interesting alternative www.flexiteek.dk.
Besides I know from personal experience cutting and laying teak decks is very laborious work and unpleasant, teak dust is poisonous and an irritant.

Much more soothing are the products of Natural and Ethical ~ Marine, www.naturalandethical.com whose state of the natural art products do exactly what it says on the labels, fairynuff?
There has been a proliferation of bio friendly products for yachts.

Then again equally innovative are products of companies like Ecoflux who’s slogan is “voir l’invisible” (www.ecoflux.fr) produce Thermo graphic Imaging, why?
This is a brilliantly straight forward  survey for yachts but with very wide applications for houses, offices, garages, even  gymnasiums and factories  where the owners are serious about controlling heat for safety, comfort and of course economy including in new designs.


Captain James Puklowski of the gleaming, very modern and elegant M.Y. Bibich mentioned his boat often carries charters via Equisea Yacht Management so needs more than average attention and he finds many of the new bio products work better and bonus are cheaper than the industrial equivalents…Antibes_YS_1_IMG_7099_James_d.jpg
Of more interest to both Thierry and most Yacht owners is a new software system for yacht management, Equisea Platform and Terminals ( www.equisea.mc) . This is a case of how come no one has done this before?
Ably demonstrated by Pascal Wiscour-Conter who is fluent in at least French, English and Italian, this user friendly system is specialized software with wider implications for other industries including commercial shipping, however currently it is offered to  the yacht owner and manager.
This is an exclusive and integrated yacht and business management system to enable owners and managers to run their yachts much more creatively and very significantly, efficiently manage and control the asset by stream lining the work and information  flow in real time, brilliantly simple.
I might have missed the demonstration  (and warm hospitality)  but for a tip from fellow marine photographer Christele Fritz (www.altopictures.fr)

Even more fun are the suppliers of fine wines and foods who are proliferating and one is reaching into the wider Mediterranean to the more remote cruising locations such as Serbia via “Corkers”, a dynamic company who understand both the yacht requirments and local regulations.
Run by Kim Sheffield you can reach Corkers at www.corkersfinewines.com.

Maybe the most fun would be with Limited Edition Events who have offices in Cannes, London and Cape Town?
They are onboard party specialists! (www.LimitedEditionEvents.com).

Antibes offers a wide range of restaurants and bars to host the show’s visitors.
Most are within easy walking distance and including much Internationals cuisine, the Restaurant Tokyo for example being a Sushi specialist.


I stayed as mentioned in this blog on the 15th, at nearby Juan les Pins and found buy asking a pretty local lady I could eat well at Nathalie’s Les Arcades, 129 bd Wilson in the old town, 3 courses including a bottle of not bad wine all for 30 Euros.Antibes_YS_2__IMG_7111_d.jpg

The Cote d’Azur does not have to cost you a fortune to visit!

Mean while back on the coast of the Cote d’Azur, we’re still waiting for a first glimpse of the new Roman Abramovich superyacht “Eclipse” due to arrive on the Cote d’Azur any week soon.

Watch jaws drop at this £300 million, 170 metres giant super yacht?


The Antibes Yacht Show was for me,  hard work, a long drive and lots of foot slogging but facinating and my new brochure was very well received.Antibes_YS_2_IMG_7153_d.jpg

By the way, you can have a copy free via Contact Us on my web site see page http://www.frickers.co.uk/contact.html.

My thanks to Muriel Penoty and the Antibes Yacht Show team for helping make the Antibes Yacht Show such an enjoyable experience.Antibes_YS_2_IMG_7170_d.jpg