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Exhibition, The Wharf Gallery, Tavistock

D Folley IMG_7881 wp_1.jpgI have followed the career and development of David Folley, a friend and artist for some 18 years, who is showing 3 new paintings with “The Plymouth Group” at The Wharf Gallery Tavistock, Devon (www.tavistockwharf.com, tel 01822613928)

I took a good lok at David Folley’s latest work.DAVID_image.jpg

This is the first opportunity to view Folley’s latest series’, Blastos-bolbos: ‘A Purple Anaesthetist’.

This series of paintings continues his philosophical investigations into a dialectical notion of the concept of truth, between the artwork, the painter and the viewer’s response.
For many years Folley has dedicated himself to portraiture, but recent experiences at Middlesex University – where he is reading a M.A., in Continental Aesthetic Theory has been significant in his maturation as a painter / philosopher.

This maturation in Folley’s painting can be attributed to his interest in philosophical concepts. As a result of studies at Middlesex University his work has shifted from Figuative to a Sensibilia-Abstraction.
Folley makes the distinction between Sensibilia and Abstraction by acknowledging the latter’s ‘vagueness of generalities’; and the former as a view of the world as it is for the individual – those things which each one of us sense, as immediate objects of our sense-perception.

Folley’s Sensibilia-Abstraction questions the spectators’ concept of Truth by removing their preconscious learned narrative logic; in doing so – the spectator’s assurance and reliance upon nostalgia becomes distorted.
Folley is exhibiting three works reflecting from his new series, Blastos-Bolbos: ‘A Purple Anaesthetist’. Blastos-Bolbos (Blastos is Greek for germ and Bolbos means onion) was chosen by the painter to describe this series because after germination an onion develops mulitple layers.

This “discovery of knowing” continues Folley’s exploration into the symbiotic relationships between: the work, the painter and the viewers’ responses.
Gordon Frickers May 2010GF n Catte IMG_7864 wp cropped_1.jpg

Further details about David Folley are available from: 07792415724  www.folley.eu