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On air, BBC Radio Devon

The radio Devon interview, BBC Radio Devon, Gordon Sparks Show, went well this morning. GF n Catte IMG_7864 wp cropped_1.jpg
Sparksie had that train painting, of the Flying Scotsman on his PC screen as the Royal Albert Bridge is hot news in Plymouth at present (are we missing out).
Nice to be painting topical subjects!
The Royal Albert Bridge as I have mentioned before on this blog, is in a very poor state at present.
I am now told a decision to preserve this very historic bridge has been approved ( I should d********** well think so to) so the current debate is which colour?
The present grey is not the original colour, cream was.
So the cream shown on the Pullman coaches in my painting is quite appropriate and not unlike the original GWR (Great Western Railway) colours.
However the contractors prefer grey saying the grey paint lasts longer.
As likely they have a stock of grey.
I think the grey looks remarkably similar to what we used to call battleship grey.
Now where do we see that colour on the River Tamar?
I showed Gordon Sparks the original 48″ x 30″ of the marine painting Plymouth Cattewater.
A bit bizarre, a painting on radio?Plymouth_Cattewater_13.06.10_IMG_7841_d.jpg
A 20 minute chat passed fast but then Gordon Sparks is a great interviewer and we share some forms of “colour blindness” so he has a particular interest in my painting and follows the French landscapes closely.
My interview with my doctor went well too except he thinks I need to be more careful with my health as I age.
I told him, excuse me, I am new to this aging process so am not very good at managing it.
After that I was soon on my way into Cornwall, passing the Royal Albert Bridge en route to Callington and the Art Centre where 10 newly framed paintings of the sort Gordon Sparks is particularly interested in, awaited my collection and to start their journey to be exhibited at the Domaine Barry in August in the Tarn, SW France.