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Going for gold and the Wayfarer World Championship

Wayfarer? I was recently called a tortue and more flatteringly an etoile voyager.
An amusement is I will be in Weymouth this week end and next week. So what?
Wayfarers that’s wot!
Here is a pic of a Wayfarer I built taken guess where and when?  Are_u_ready_to_sail_wp.JPG
And on the subject of winning, going for gold,  my marine painting, one of the last marine paintings produced at Plymstock  “Going for Gold, Ben Ainslie at the Sydney Olympic games“.
I needed and obtained official permission to use the BOA Olympic symbols (they are a protected copyright, the only charity protected by an act of Parliament).
There is a dated picture on page


The painting has been upgraded this year but my web master is 7 months behind with changes to my web site which worries me a lot

I have been invited (all expenses paid) to have a good look at the new Olympic sailing centre and to helm a boat in the Wayfarer world championship.
It’s the last thing I need right now but the course of least resistance is to go with the flow.
I might even be able to buy back one of my old Wayfarers, now what were their sail numbers?
Other than that I am settling into my new ‘home’ and preparing for a minor exhibition at Domaine Barry, Compagnac starting on the 20th for 2 weeks.
Castelneau_de_Montmiral_10.01.08_IMG_2235_wp.JPGI’ve attached a pic of ‘my’ house and village for you.
In reality this house, Maison Boitel, Rue Gambetta, Castelnau de Montmiral (81140)  belongs to my good friend Francoise Boitel and from a near ruin she has near completed a fabulous job of restoration and modernisation with a view to eventually selling.
The house in in the centre of the village so ideal if you wish to experience real French life in an amiable sometimes lively village .
Whilst I am currently enjoying the largest studio space I’ve ever had, the house is for sale so only a temporary solution for me. FB_House_CdM_IMG_7046_d.jpg
It’s nice to be in a real village, lively, music fetes,  2 restaurants, a bar, shops and where I know people who make me feel welcome.