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The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman and IK Brunel‘s famous and historic Royal Albert Bridge now in its hand made special order frame.Flying_Scotsman_IMG_8543_framed__d.jpg

Following some positive feed back via this blog,  Gordon Frickers have given this painting several new “coats of thought” and eventually reacted.

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If you look at earlier blog entries for The Flying Scotsman you can see if you can spot the changes?

This splendid painting on canvas measures 915 x 455 mm, 36 ” x 18″  is intended for exhibition with the ciy of Plymouth next year and will be priced at £5,000.; unless some alert collector snaps up this unique painting by making Gordon Frickers an offer he can’t refuse!

Now, there is good news and bad news…

The Flying Scotsman and Royal Albert Bridge is available as a print.

We regret to say, not from the Print Gallery page however the price is £150.00 per copy Heritage quality on canvas, signed, numbered and included postage.

You can order your copy easily and securely using Paypal on page


However, this also means we will have to alter the print…

By the way, did you know, you can enjoy a better view of these picture, as with all the pictures on this blog, simply by clicking on the picture?Flying_Scot_detail_IMG_8556_14.09.10_d.jpg

My excellent printer, Mr. Tooze of Adaptgraphics, Plymouth, has already said he is happy to make the changes and that it won’t take him long.

Mr. Tooze has a life time of experience in the print industry and his passion for quality printing remains undiminished.

You can find the story of this train painting on earlier blog entries.

Eventually The Flying Scotsman and the story of this famous engine will appear on this web site in full but at present we can’t say when as we have a WWW problem (webmaster won’t work)…