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Marine prints, an easier way to buy

I’m in the beautiful village of Shilton in the Cotswold hills near Oxford.
The frost has not thawed today despite a mostly clear sky.
I am in 4 layers starting with thermals and fighting off a chill, otherwise OK thank you.
We are working on various issues including redesigning the Print Gallery on my web site intending to make purchasing significantly easier.

Today I am with my friend of many many years (Dr)  Michael Baker, a man of many many talents including 2 degrees in computer programming.

This is proving a very busy and tiring visit to England not helped by the unseasonably cold weather which draws body heat and challenges the best physique.

Its November and we have snow forecast for the week end and La belle France is not escaping.

France already has 8 regions under orange alert.

This web site, www.frickers.co.uk can trace it’s ancestry online back to 1998, wonderful but.

Why but?

As you know, the Internet is a bit like the old “Wild West Frontier”, changing fast.

We are aware that the way surfers use the Internet is still evolving and has changed significantly in the past 3 years, added to which newer software is continuously offering better ways to communicate.

Thus we are working to further evolve this site in this case to make the business end of it more focused and easier for our prospective clients to use.

These improvements are in direct response to feed back from people like you, thanks mate.

We worry about your needs, we wish to bring you the best fine art  but this is not about us it is about making accessing our unique fine art and life easier, better for you and our prospective clients.

You comments and feed back are much appreciated,  thank you.

Currently we offer on our page Print Gallery,  8 choices of limited edition print, standard size, large framed etc plus we have enquiries world wide so currencies are an issue = a good page but (some) confusion.

We have found a neat way to make choosing what you want easier, more simple, without reducing the choices.


Test the new page yourself!

We have been able to reduce 8 choices to 4 online decisions and automatically convert the sale to the major currency of your choice.

While we still prefere payment in pounds, amounts can (we hope!) soon be seen in a choice of US dollar, Euro or Pounds without the need of  a currency converter.

We will of course retain our free currency converter, a proven useful piece of kit.

We are considering  including Australian and Canadian dollars too, what do you recommend?

So much for marine prints, once established we intend to extend the system to make it much easier to commission marine paintings, buy marine paintings and find the most useful information on the rich resource that is www.frickers.co.uk.

While you will of course appreciate it is only thanks to those people who pay us the ultimate compliament of “I’ll buy it” that we exist here. We still think it very important to continue to publish the often unique research and many stories that develope from and are inspired by the marine painting and other art work found on this web site.

Thus the plan is to retain our research resource for scholars and those of us with a passion for sea life.

We will continue to add to our “further reading” sections many of which are both authorative and read like sea stories, while helping those who wish to collect this art work to be able to do so without distraction, quickly and easily.

We hope you will find the new system faster, easier and of course because we are teamed with PayPal, as secure and safe as possible.