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"Waterwitch" off Gribben Head, Cornwall

Dear Gordon, It arrived this morning and I am delighted.
Your attention to detail puts you in my opinion up with Montagu Dawson. Waterwitch_d.jpg
The Management (Maureen) who is Yorkshire makes nothing of it preferring a Clarris Cliff vase but then we are all different.
For me apart from the boats etc it is the Gribben in the background that brings so many memories back to when I kept horses out there and rode around that mark each Sunday morning to dump the previous nights ale !! It is now with my good friend next door who is a picture framer and it will be hung before Xmas.
Thank you again and kind regards, John Greenaway. Traditional Boat Supplies, Beccles Suffolk
This “Waterwitch” in her final years working out of Fowey and Par, Cornwall, was the last engineless British square rigger to carry commercial cargo.
With her retirment the long hard and often glorious age of British merchant square sail effectively ended.

Her story both modest and facinating, started when she was completed in 1872 at Poole, allegedly from navy surplas  timbers bought from Portsmouth Dockyard.

The Waterwitch story finished under the red ensign at Par, Cornwall, on the 17th of May, 1936.

We will not see her like again except though the work of artists of the caliber of Gordon Frickers.

You can read much of the facinating history of Waterwitch on page

http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/waterwitch.html   Waterwitch_detail_d.JPG

and by following the further reading link, the final entry includes some unique tales including from decendants of those who worked Waterwitch.