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Marche de Noel

Castelnau de Montmiral market day is usually on a Tuesday morning.

Today was special, a small Christmas market all day long with most of the stalls offering childrens toys, food and drinks.Marche_Noel_IMG_0076_d.JPG

A band entertained with more enthusiasm than musical skill, not matter the event was about having fun and with mulled wine at 1 Euro a cup who cared about the music!Marche_Noel_IMG_0067_d.JPG

The mulled wine was a treat and much appreciated on a cold day.

We have been expreiencing temperatures of – 4 C at night to + 10 during the day under clear blue skies.

While I was in England and Brittany it snowed twice in the Tarn, unheard of in November people say.

Not that the cold dampened the enthusiasm to party.Marche_Noel_IMG_0064_d.JPG

Most of the villages around here have a Marche de Noel market.

The days may be brief but the light is excellent for painting.Marche Noel IMG_0072 d_2.JPG