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Wayfarer and the Art of talent spotting

What a wonderful start to the new year!Are_u_ready_to_sail_d.JPG

Years ago, well 1979 to be more precise, I built a wooden Wayfarer and missed a great opportunity to invest in my skills, another such has come up now.

She was the last boat out of my workshop when I was Mr. South East Boat Builders Ltd and employed 9 people.
At that time my company, South East Boat Builders Ltd of 18 / 22 Rope Walk Rye East Sussex had the wooden boat licence from Ian Proctor (a delightful chap G-d rest his soul).
The company did moderately well, we built, outfitted and repaired to a high standard.
I sold out though, exhausted.
The problem was I lacked business skills, no training, no people management skills.
Looking back that was a great shame as we were very good with the boat work and I now have the missing skills; unfortunately the chance has long since passed.
We were offered the property we were renting, 3000 sq ft of workshop, half covered, a shop and house for £18,000; what is that worth now?
For the last 30 years, G-d did I really write 30 years?
Sunrise sunset swiftly flow the years“… I have worked as an artist.
Until recently my concern was not making money although as a family man I concurred with Robin Knox-Johnston who said to me “not to make a small profit is obscene”.
My concern was the quality of the art work.
Today we find the value of ‘Frickers’ paintings has increased.
Example, a ‘Frickers’ painting sold 25 years ago for £500 is now worth depending on subject and desirability some where between 2 and 6 thousand pounds.
A good investment?
Learning the ‘investment’ lesson I notice the potential for my art business to earn is a turn over of at least £250,000 currently unrealised through lack of funds.
For example a PA would take much of the load off my shoulders enabling me to more than double my output and a consultant marketing team would be better placed to sell the Art of Gordon Frickers and the ‘Frickers’ brand name than I ever will be.
If you are interested in investing and owning part of an Art Business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
I had more fun with my Wayfarer than any other boat I have owned or sailed.
With very best wishes for good sailing in 2011!