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A round up of the weeks strays

I have  mostly  been kept occupied this week with preparing a new advert to appear in Plymouth, working on the new painting “New and Old” and the large painting of Antibes, also delighted to be helping my son.
Not enough of the newest marine paintings to show yet so here are  a few photos of taken today of recent paintings and a petite gem that dates to 1983 plus some varied other news. Emigration__Plymouth_Cattewater_framed_IMG_0472_d.jpg
Starting with at last, the final picture of “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater” with a detail for your further amusement shown at the end of this script.

I will write a full account of the amazing “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater quite soon and include details of both the story and the picture.
For the moment lets just say the painting measures 30″ x 48″ and shows the ‘crack’ clipper ship Samuel Plimsoll loading emigrants for Australia at Plymouth.
This new marine painting, some 18 months and 300 hours in the making commemorates and celebrates this largely forgotten part of Plymouth history at a time when the site is up for re development.
For some 100 years Plymouth was the third most used port in Britain for emigrants.

The Golden Hinde measures 10″ x 8″ 250 x 200 mm so what you see on your screen is almost certainly much larger than the original gem. The_Golden_Hinde_IMG_0496_1_d.jpg
The painting turned up while I moved out of Itzac last summer.
That was good luck and more than can be said for the numerous landscapes that disappeared during my last year at Itzac.
I absolutely trust my hosts at Itzac so either the paintings will turn up or some frequent ‘visitor’ was a  ‘borrower’. The_Golden_Hinde__detail_IMG_0498_1_d.jpg
I have heard several times from Peter Goodwin.
Peter and I are collaborating on a little painting project, the subject being the action between His Britannique majesties armed cutter Alert and the USS Lexington; and maybe a couple of other subjects from the war of 1812 if he finds he has more time.
I’ve also had an interesting email from a  Captain and rear admiral of New York. I harbour a long term ambition to visit New York and sell work there. I’ve been invited several timesso far thought time and especially funds have conspired to arrest the invitations
Both my friends are hoping to attend the 100th anniversary of the Royal Navy Museum at Portsmouth, June 29th.
They have both been good friends of the museum raising useful funds with their New York Yacht Club Pickle Nights which have included auctioning copies of the Frickers “I have urgent dispatches“.
They asked to see me there and if I am producing new paintings of HMS Pickle and others of the War of 1812.

This week saw the proposed invitation text and layout approved by Brussels so that is another critical  worrying task under control.
My man in Brussels and I agree invitations will be issued and controlled from the Brussels office which is great. This helps reinforce the occasion and frees me from several tasks.
Better still my good French friend in Amsterdam is creating a translated version to help us reach a wider audience in France.
This task is not as easy as some people might think. Those of us with experience of several languages will know about ‘false friends’ = words that look the same but have different meanings and of course that much text does not translate literally.
I am delighted to delegate, I have quite enough to handle and paintings to complete so need all the help I can get.
I have continued the long job of producing a high quality catalogue for Brussels.
Today I spent some 4 hours photographing paintings to obtain better quality images using a Canon D 60 and contacted the British Marine Federation.
Getting a correct exposure remains a critical problem but I am much closer to the original painting colours now than I was a month ago having learnt quite a lot about how the camera actually works as opposed to how the manufacturer’s publicity claims it works.
My man at the BMF (SW) Adam Corney (Plymouth) was very helpful.
He and I will parler more next week.
He sees why and agrees the EP Expo is a very special opportunity.
He has asked me to write a basic press release and list points that sell space in the catalogue.
I had to do those tasks anyway so that is no problem.
He thinks the BMF will be able to give quite a lot of help with the catalogue and with the marine press for publicity.
This still leaves all the other press to sort out.
This also leaves the problem of valuing and selling spaces in the catalogue, a task I have no experience of.
However between us we may “know a man who does“.
Again this may or may not be a problem.
On the plus side the catalogue will go to many influential people.
The list includes 400 MEP’s and heads of departments and many similarly distinguished people in Britain and France.
Thus a rare chance to reach a small but elite audience via  high quality enduring medium, a catalogue people are likely to keep.
This could be a life line task.
Currently I am expecting the exhibition to cost at least 7,000 Euros and if I have to pay for professional publicity agents we can add another big chunk of my life’s savings to the pot.
At present because one is not supposed to sell in the European Parliament the only way I can see to recover some of my costs is by selling space in the catalogue.

However just by passing the word we have our first enquiries for space.
Oh yes and here is that detail from “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater“…  Emigration__Plymouth_Cattewater_detail_IMG_0483_d.jpg