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European Parliament First Marine Art Exhibition

EP_logo_2_JPEG.jpgFinal preparations today, you may enjoy the attached photos of this rare moment and a sneek preview of the venue?Brussesl_Preperations._IMG_0948_d.JPG

I was up at 06:00 this morning, was photographed painting in les Place des Arcades, Castelnau de Montmiral by Jean-Marie Bion as part of a new postcard series he is making then gave my car some attention.

Preperation_for_Brussels_IMG_0945_d.JPGI don’t know what the very numerous birds around here eat but…. and of course it is quite dusty here with daily temperature in the high 20’s to low 30’s under a brilliant blue sky; now the car is clean.

It has been  2 1/2 years since Brian Simpson first proposed this exhibition. last year i decided to cancel.

With no certainty of the invitation being re issued, a hard brave decision. The reality was I was not ready.

As things have worked out well it is now with 20/20 full colour hind sight clearly the right decision.

One of the ‘spin offs’ is the web site has a new home page, new colours and under the ‘News‘ column on the home page you will find many paintings have been added with texts, all great stuff!

Provided the paintings and I arrive safely we are about to put on an exhibition the like of which the European Parliament people have never see.

Included are many new paintings and some fascinating golden oldies that have some how escaped being sold off, all illustrated in the book which grew expediently from the original concept of a catalogue.

Given some funding and a team I could have done much more in terms of publicity and generally putting on a show however the experience is all part of the adventure and further identifies the need for a sound business proposal to attract investor partners to The Art of Gordon Frickers.

The European Parliament is according to the rules not a ‘selling place’ however we have printed a price list and order for which I am told may be used discreetly as an insert for the book. BAR_3_me__tage_ASP.jpg

I like that.

The book complete with ISBN looks I hope you agree very good and is in full colour.

It is priced at £12.95  / 15.00 Euros, quite fair for a limited edition thus rare book.

You can order your copy using Paypal from page