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To the European Parliament tomorrow

EP_logo_2_JPEG.jpgMy last day at CdM today and it is going to be a busy one  before I depart for Brussels and the European Parliament Exhibition.Brian_letter_for_Frickers_booklet_d.JPG
I’m not sure where I will be staying.

Well meaning friends have not confirmed accommodation so I may be in hotels for the week and will probably stop at Paris en route Sunday night.

This means I will only be able to get on the internet infrequently.
However my mobile phone 0044 7588411720 has come back to life and while I don’t trust it, it should work.

The Parliament would like the paintings delivered to the rue d’Ardenne entrance to the building.

If you enter it into Google Maps then it does find it but you don’t see the name.

It’s a very short road off Rue Belliard that only has a Delivery entry for the EP, so you shouldn’t miss it.
I am to meet Phillip Ball there at 10am.

He is Brain Simpson’s assistant, my primary contact and he will have my badge for the day.

We will go upstairs, see the space, take the two trolleys that have left us back downstairs and bring the paintings back up.BAR_3_me__tage_ASP.jpg
I realized only yesterday we may have a problem with the weight if some of my paintings.

A few like the new Plymouth Emigration Depot have substantial frames and the larger Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater, like the large Yamaha, is just plain heavy being painted on 6 mm MDF Board. Plymouth_Emigration_Depot_IMG_0917.JPG

The board is a according to a former curator and director of the London Tate Gallery, Sir Norman Reid, the best surface to paint on being stable, steady and unlike canvas does not easily deteriorate with time.

The down side is that once one goes over 3 feet / one meter it starts to be heavy.
Once the delivery has finished the EP would like me to move my car/van out of the Delivery area.

The nearest public car park to the EP is this one http://brussel.staatopdekaart.be/show/3844/parking_wet which is a ten minute walk.  Or I could take it back to my hotel, the Hotel de France.
Once I’m back we will start assembling the exhibition.
Then there’s hopefully some ‘down time’ to relax, clean up, change into presentable clothing or should I dress ‘like an artist’?
The guests will begin arriving from 18:15.
I’m told we expect about 75 on the first night and about 500 over the days of the exhibition, time will tell…

At 19:00  Brian Simpson will welcome people and the artist is supposed to make a speech too then there will be the serious business of drinks for an hour and a half.
Brian will have to leave the reception at 20:00 for an urgent meeting that has just been called, but I am hoping that he is able to join us again once it finishes.
If you have any questions during the week or any problems on Monday, please don’t hesitate to call my mobile 0044 7588411720 or Phillip ball on – 07921836131.