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Working with Alan Tooze and Richard at Adaptgraphics on 4 new prints this morning, also the additional copies of Life on the Ocean Wave which Michael Baker tells me is already available via Amazon.

Richard Clayton had asked to interview me as far back as last April. GF___RC_IMG_1276_d.JPG

Richard Clayton lives at least for the moment in Southampton…

He and his wife have decided to move to the Welsh Marches for the peace of the beautiful countryside and so she can move from nursing to keeping a bed and breakfast.

They are moving this comming week end.

You probaly know what that means and how it effects one’s routine?

In consequence I thought it very cool of Richard ad his wife to invite me to Southampton.

The interview which over ran it’s alloted time by 50 % made for a long day and a new friendship.

The drive to took 4 hours much of it through heavy traffic.

I’d almost forgotten how trying the traffic in Britain can be.

Even in the relatively few months I have been away there seem to be more vechiles on the road in particular in expensive cars.

Not a bad drive even if it did take 4 hours to get to Southampton and 3 to get back at 01.00 the following morning.

The route took me past a sunny south Dartmoor, the largest wilderness in England, past historic Exeter and along Dorset’s beautiful hilly Jurassic coast.

The word ‘dinosaur‘ was first coined at Lyme Regis, Dorset.

If I recall correctly about the year 1820.

Lyme Regis is a beautiful old port who’s trading days are over, well worth exploring and a long walk on the beach is a must.

There you will see and can collect your own fossils.

Do they make excellent paper weights and nicnacks , also surprising gifts for friends?

The best time is after a storm or at a low spring tide.

The route continues by skirting past Poole and Bournemouth then through the “New Forest”.

I was lucky.

After so much rain during the previous 3 weeks I enjoyed a clear sunny day thus the countryside was at it’s green summer best tinted in soooo many other colours.

Richard and his wife kindly made me feel very welcome and relaxed.

I was asked numerous questions, of course about marine painting however Richard seemed very interested in my unusual colour vision (I don’t have a normal colur experience) and how i adapt it to benefit my marine art.

We even touched on my Famous and Picturesque Wine Village of France project which has marine links because in former times over 600 ships would leave England every autumn for Bordeaux, a huge trade for the time.

The English were very actively involved in the production of Bordeaux wines as well as shipping and of course sipping.

The project is one I plan to return to now the EP Expo is astern.

I particularly like working with shipping people.

I find shipping people clever, active and they do what they say they will do, usually on time, a pleasure to work with.

Modern ships, they fascinate me be they busy work boats like tugs, dredgers and cable layers of the more majestic ferries and giant often magnificent cruisers.

My work with modern ships varies from pictures for retired officers and crew to attending the location to producing a painting of a ship under construction, as she will appear in her new environment, the new pinting for display and some times presentation at the naming ceremony.

An example of the latter is the delightful and very successful painting of “Clansman” at Barra, the story including Princess Ann’s comments is on page:


simply follow the “further reading” for a tale of art the sea and ship construction with a few surprising twists.

I hope Richard zeros in on my shipping interest as I have much to offer the industry.

For example a £50,000 model thing of beauty though it is still looks ‘dead’ and is only a model.

Put a fine painting of the ship in it’s environment near the model and the effect is to dramatically bring the model to life in a way no graphic mechanical photos can ~ ideal at exhibitions and in offices.

One only has to visit the P & O offices at Pall Mall London or the National Marine Museum Greenwich to see graphically what I mean.

Fairplay is billed as the leading international maritime news source providing daily news, weekly analysis and commentary plus a monthly technical review.

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Richard Clayton is the editor of Fairplay Shipping